Interview with Laura Döbrösi by Bence Borsody


When I received the task to produce an interview with someone well-known from the media I was in a certain fortunate situation. My situation was special because I did not have to ask anyone I don’t know as I supposed that Laura would be happy to make an interview with me. When I asked her she replied yes and invited me to her home. She is a well-known actress in Hungary and she is currently working in the shooting of Aranyélet.

B: Hello, hello! I am here with Döbrösi Laura. Thank you for inviting me to your home, let’s start this interview!

L: Hello, hello! Thank you for coming!

1.B: First let’s not talk about work, but talk about free time! I don’t know how much free time you have while working as an actress. What do you like to do when you don’t work?

L: Well, my working days are not an everyday schedule, I work around 2 or 3 months in a year when I am working every day, that’s when the shootings happen, besides this, I only have a few occasions in a month when I have to be in a theatre. So basically, I have a lot of free time or none.  But when I do have free time, I still like staying busy with other projects.

2.B: What other projects do you have?

L: I am working with some musicals and I am also a singer plus I play some instruments as well, and sometimes I do smaller cooperations with my musician friends. I usually schedule these in my amount of free time.

3.B: What instruments do you play?

L: I have been playing classical piano for 14 years when I was a kid. That’s the only and biggest regret in my life that I stopped playing the piano. Besides that, I have smaller percussion instruments, one Cahoon, one sansula, like these folklore instruments. Smaller flutes, bigger flutes, little drums and stuff to make noise with.

4.B: It seems that you can play quite a few instruments than. What about your other projects with musicians? You told me about this Zengető stuff earlier…

L: Yeah, that’s one of the coolest things I know. Zengető is a festival, but obviously, it is much more than a festival. We organized it first this summer. It is about hemp, as it was very important in Hungary’s industry back in the old days and it is a very supersonic plant. We want to make it popular because it is a very useful, very awesome plant which can save the planet.

5.B: I have heard that there was some trouble in the promo party of Zengető in Auróra caused by some misbeliefs of the police…

L: Actually, this trouble itself demonstrates the problem very nicely. This power-plant is mistakenly demonized because of it’s “brother”, called cannabis or marihuana, with “THC” in it, which is an illegal substance in Hungary and probably in most of the world, still. This is exactly what we want to point out with this festival, that these two plants are not the same and we don’t have to be afraid of hemp only because it looks similar. It was quite ironic that in the promo party the police made this mistake.

6.B: What kind of programs do you have during the year with Zengető?

L: That’s a very good question because we have just started to organize these off-seasons programs related to the festival. Now we are going to have a very small event on December 3rd in Juranyi, it will be an afternoon- early evening get-together with workshops, small concerts and with probably not too many people. It is for people who are interested in our project, not as a festival, but as a way of living. It also has its spiritual sides and an approach to life that we should get closer, back closer, to nature. We should start understanding nature and we have to realize that we can learn many things from nature.  So this will be one event and we will have two parties in the next semester and there is a blog, an online magazine of the festival, which collects writings, news, thoughts about our mission and about our artists.

  1. B: I know that last winter you had a month-long holiday, are you going to travel this winter also?

L: Back to free time! I really like to travel, but it is a bit difficult as you can never know when will they call you up for the next casting. So, it is risky to leave for a month, because you might miss something, but last year I said I don’t care. I needed it, so I escaped the whole January and the half of February to South America, which is a continent very close to my heart and that was the first time I visited it. I have visited several friends, but I was traveling alone. And it was an enormous adventure.

  1. B: So are you going to go on a holiday this winter?

L: No, this winter I am going to work, because we are still shooting this series, Aranyélet. Now we have a pause, but in January we are shooting for 20 more days. These will be the season finals, so I’m going to finish in the middle of February, so maybe I can try.

  1. B: In these 20 days how many our do you work each day?

L: In a movie shooting every day is a 12-hour shift with one lunch break in the middle, or we have 10 hour working days with running lunch. This means there is no lunch break, so you can just grab and eat your food when you have a five-minute break. It is very tough because your actual shooting hours are 12, but you’re getting your makeup and you arrive at the location are extra 2 or 3 hours. So, when I am working 6 days in a row, it is impossible to do anything else because you get home and you have to go to sleep.

  1. B: Which do you prefer acting in series, performing in theatres or singing musicals maybe?

L: Oh no, musicals are not for me. I think my homeland is shooting films because I have done it much more frequently than performing in theatres, so I have more experience and feel safer there. But theatre is magic, I don’t know if I can decide, I think it is changing every now and then.

B: Thank you Laura for this nice interview and for inviting me to your home! I wish you all the best and I hope to see you at the next party!

L: Thank you Bence for coming and I hope to see you soon!

Featured photo:  Bolega Nikolett


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