Cakeland: Csibe

Csibe is located in Pásztó, my hometown, and I know it from my childhood. It was established in September in 1989 as a family business. It is a confectionery that I knew as a small place where we had an ice-cream with my classmates after school or celebrated a well-performed match with other members of my ex-handball team.


The owner of Csibe, József Mezővári, applied for an EU tender that he won, so the current confectionery, since 2013, is in a new and modern look with larger place as it has a terrace and garden, too. Csibe provides the nearby places, hence no other confectionary can compete with it, and mostly because it has 2 buildings, since 2003, from which one is at the busiest place in Pásztó (Main Street 81., 3060).


The other building (Baross Gábor Street 35., 3060), which is the new one and was the place of the original Csibe, collectively is built with the place where the cooks prepare the products. It has its drawbacks such as it is situated a bit far from the town centre, so foreigners find it difficult to get there. In spite of its larger space, it does not provide enough seats according to its size and due to the location there is an inadequate amount of places for parking cars. Therefore cars stop by the road causing traffic problems on a busiest day. But if you reach this place you will not consider these distractions anymore.


The building is beautiful and well-designed; maybe a bit too modern for me, but special enough to spend a pleasant afternoon with the company of your friends. One of the best decorations of this confectionery is a huge picture about the previous buildings and the whole founding family.

As for thei1395062584-9588r productions, they sell several cakes, baker’s ware, craft ice-cream, crushed ice, drinks, coffee and several Szamos products. It is a quite expensive place; the prices of the cakes are 300-800 Ft. Csibe has a Facebook site and a website where they publish pictures about their new creations. In every season, they make cakes desiged to the occasion. For example, in Halloween time, cakes are shaped as a spider, a pumpkin, and also as a witch’ hat. They prepare cupcakes with ghosts on the top. How scary they are. For weddings it is the best place for ordering the wedding cake. They are to make your dreamed cake and its taste will as delicious as you imagined. The cakes are precise, delicious,33917_171297152886131_1251570_n creative, and demanding. A huge amount of people decide to take cakes to an occasion from this confectionery. Several prizes prove its quality, for instance Csibe received a professional recognition in 2004, ‘Ice-cream of the Year’, for its strawberry ice-cream. Furthermore, the place won the Aranyhabverő-Prize from Magyar Cukrász Iparosok Országos Ipartestülete.

According to my experience, I have never eaten there a cake that I did not like. And I also have never tasted an ice-cream that would not have been in some way special. Maybe it is due to the fact that the makers always try another taste or combination and find out new ones. My only problem with the offer is that there is no Marlenka, my personal favourite.

Last time when I visited this place I tasted the cake of the country of 2016, so called Őrség Zöld Aranya. It was prepared as the most delicious cake I have ever eaten in my life. I tried that type of cake in another confectionery in Budapest but it was not the same as the one made in Csibe. The batter of the cake was quite different.


Consequently, it is a great choice to go out and meet with someone, mostly because in Pásztó there is a few opportunity to sit in and spent your time outside your home. What is more, there is no place eating such a great cakes but Csibe.

Darinka Hlavacska

/Photos from official Facebook- and website of Csibe/


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