The Queen of the North Shore

Karolina Kávéház és Koktélbár is the patisserie heaven of the Nortern part of Balaton,for a reason.  It is located in Balatonfüred (Zákonyi Ferenc Street 4) with a patio next to the shore so we can enjoy our delicious food with a wonderful view of the lake.  I bet anyone who is familiar with the area will recommend you this place to visit.


Karolina is one of the most popular cafés all around Balaton. It was named after the beloved grandmother of the owner whose recipes are still used in the café. When entering this place forget all the dry cakes and boring tastes you have met before. The special and delicious homemade cakes, sandwiches and dishes taste just like the ones made by our own grandma.

Although the owner claims that there is no favourite dessert among the guests, the reals fans say; it is méteres kalács (HUF 700), obviously ( a chocolate and vanilla flavoured sponge cake filled with punch pudding).


No modern cakes or complicated design, they are as delicious as simple. You can also taste the wine of the family and the products of Zimek pálinka manufacture from Zamárdi.


The waiters and waitresses are very kind and polite and ready to recommend you a cake if you cannot choose from the huge supply. The coffee is perfectly made and served there is absolute nothing to complain about.


Although Karolina is not the cheapest option of Balaton – the cakes are between HUF 7-800 – but it is worth it as the portions are huge and filling.

Be aware that no matter if it is extremely hot or heavily raining, Karolina is always full and sometimes you even have to face with a queue to get in.

Address:  4 Zákony Ferenc Street, Balatonfüred

Opening hours: Monday-Sunday 08.00-01.00

Photos: Facebook/ Karolina Kávéház & Koktélbár [Balatonfüred]


Janka Lakosi


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