It’s waffle-time!

When we see a waffle, nothing else matters, only the feeling of carpe diem. We just surrender ourselves to the unearthly taste experience and the delicious fusion of spices from the waffle, the fruits and the icing. Although waffles themselves can be the perfect highlight of a day, believe me or not, this mesmerizing adventure can even be intensified with the perfect atmosphere of the Ízes Gofri.


Ízes Gofri takes place in Eger, in the most beautiful corner of the city. It is not only in the centre of the city, but it lies in a historical square named Végvári Vitézek Tere, on the side of the brook and in the shadow of Eger Castle. As a nice idea, the owner of the bistro imagined this place to be a retro notion for the customers; therefore, he did not invest into a large interior, but only a small space with a big window and some exterior furniture with a smaller playground for children. Although there is an interior space for the guests, this place is quite small, and can be easily crowded. On one hand, this is an excellent idea, since in beautiful weather we can have a rest in a calm naturalistic place and enjoy the pleasure of the beautiful sights, while eating these wonder-waffles. However, on the other hand, the benefits of this delightful place cannot be fully used up in cloudy and windy weather.


The owner of Ízes Gofri is Rácz Krisztián, whose shatterproof ambition is to satisfy the customers by baking tasty waffles and creating unique toppings. Every time a customer pays a visit to Ízes Gofri, his honest smile and the smell of the freshly baked waffles turns craving people’s mood delightful. This place is not a fast food restaurant where students work for 12 hours a day to finance their lives and they are exhausted and hate everybody who comes by. Here, employees really put their hearts into the creation of these waffles, and their ultimate motivation is to make customers happy.


Regardless the tiny space in the bistro, the variety of the waffles is shocking. Here, the waffles are freshly made, and an uncountable number of unique waffles are on offer, either sweet or salty ones! However, if we cannot decide what to try out, the owner is extremely creative, and he gladly makes something special from the ingredients and dressings we choose.  We can buy waffles with plum-jam and vanilla-yoghurt with cinnamon on top, waffles with chocolate-mousse, diced cherries, cinnamon and whipped-cream, or waffles with almond-mousse, shredded nuts and raspberry-dressing. Although these fusions sound like a real sugar-shock for the body, the spices entirely complement each other, thus the final product is not a thick and extremely intensive and heavy feeling in our stomach, but a pleasant aftertaste and a desire to try out another one. Furthermore, as a bistro, it also offers many other products as coffee, hot chocolate and tea.


As an overall conclusion, Ízes Gofri is a special place with special offers for consumers who are open to taste either something domestic and retro or something unique. Visiting the place is definitely worth a try; moreover, I believe that the first visit will not be the last.

Address: 3300, Eger, Végvári Vitézek Tere

Opening Hours: Monday-Saturday: 10.30-19.00


/Pictures from official Facebook-page/


Enikő Herenik

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