Assassin’s Creed review


Fans of the gaming industry might have heard about this game, here’s some pros and cons to consider.

Assassin’s Creed is an action-adventure video game series developed by Ubisoft. First introduced in 2007, the series contains nine main installments and several other supporting materials. A live action film starring Michael Fassbender will be released in December 2016.

The series follows bartender Desmond Miles, an average man kidnapped by Abstergo Industries, a modern incarnation of the infamous Templar Order. Desmond soon discovers that he in fact is a descendant of the Assassins, a secret organization dedicated to stop the Templars from achieving world domination. Desmond is thrown into the Animus, a device that enables its user to relive the genetic memories of their ancestors. The series also follows the life of several of Desmond’s ancestors, all Assassins of course. Assassin’s Creed is also notable for the inclusion of historic characters such as Leonardo Da Vinci, Ben Franklin, Charles Darwin, etc.


Main Assassins from left to right: Altair Ibn La’Ahad, Connor Kenway, Ezio Auditore, Jacob Frye, Arno Dorian, Edward Kenway

The gameplay is rather interesting and enjoyable; players roam an open world in which they can follow the main story as well as completing side quests. The settings include the Holy Land during the Middle Ages, Renaissance Italy, Constantinople, The USA during the War of Independence, The Golden Age of Piracy in the Caribbean, the French Revolution and Victorian London. Mission are usually stealth-based, meaning the player should complete certain tasks without being detected. There are also multiple Templar targets, whom players have to assassinate in various ways. For this, they can utilize an array of weapons such as hidden blades, poison darts, swords, axes, etc. Later installments also include item crafting and hunting activities as well. It also heavily features elements of parkour, meaning players need to scale landmarks in intricate manners to reach certain points of interest.

The franchise became iconic during the years as it developed a huge fan base. This is probably due to the addictive gameplay, well-written storylines, beautiful animation and music and surprisingly likeable main characters. Albeit, is has been also criticized, especially because later installments became a bit repetitive compared to the original game. For this reason, Ubisoft decided to put the development on hold for the time being, so that they can take some time to reinvent themselves and the gameplay.

The prices of the games vary, as the PC versions are always cheaper (around 5.000 HUF), while platform versions cost more than 10.000 HUF (especially the ones for PS4 and Xbox One).


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