Zoska Breakfast & Café review

Located in a quiet little street, a stone-throw away from Károlyi garden, and a 2-minute walk from Astoria, is café Zoska.


The idyllic interior is a blend between English countryside rusticity and classy French shabby chic. The theme is carried on to the plates and mugs, that are combined in a lovely mismatch that makes us feel right at home. Whether we need to catch breakfast, grab a bite of sandwich at midday, or take a quick tea before our date in the cinema; this friendly café is the perfect destination to go to alone or with a date.Picture2

Most tables are placed relatively close to each other, so you can even have effective group work done in the space without having to rearrange the entire shop. But you can find more remote spots for your private discussions as well. And if you’re studying alone, don’t worry! You can find seats in the house, that are designed just for you, so you won’t feel awkward sitting there alone. And while we are on the topic of being alone… If your date is late, you still don’t need to get worried. Instead, use the time wisely to catch up on your reading, utilizing the bookshelves under the stairs

Now, having a nice environment is one thing, but what they serve is another. I have good news ladies and gentlemen, Zoska does not disappoint on the food front either! Catching breakfast, I opted for classic American pancakes with fruits and maple syrup. Sipping on black tea with milk, the combo made my day. The pancakes were not too sweet, complemented perfectly with the maple syrup.Picture3
On another occasion, I tested their dessert skills, and was impressed yet again. The daily selection of freshly baked goods is just the thing on cheat day! Whether you prefer blueberry pie to muffins, it doesn’t m
tter; you will like it either way. And the Bundt cake is heavenly, and is the perfect size to share. The cocoa drink to flush it down with tasted just like the one you make at home. It makes up the perfect pre-cinema treat.


And I haven’t yet talked about the fast and super-frPicture4iendly waitresses, who only bring checks with reasonable prices on them. The price range of the café is between 350 and 1000 forints, with a cappuccino costing 450.-, and the ‘Menu offer’ costing 1190.- without the tip
Open from 7 until 19 on weekdays and Saturday, Zoska is the ideal destination for University students in the neighbourhood, who need to prepare for an exam, or happen to take a break from their demanding lecture streak.

— Petra Hack


Photos: Zoska Facebook


Address: Ferenczy István utca 28.




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