Vintage Garden review

Coming up with a concept and opening a restaurant unique enough to become extraordinarily popular in Budapest is a pretty hard thing to do, but the owners of Vintage Garden has managed to do it.

             I had heard numerous people recommending Vintage Garden, located right in the heart of Budapest, but it took me almost a year to visit it – I have to admit that I regret waiting so much. In the beginning, I was a bit dubious about it since without making a reservation you couldn’t really get in, but when I got there it was obvious at the very first glance that I would love it. The main reason for that was the huge amount of fresh flowers that was present in many ways: peonies covering parts of the wall, tulips and hyacinths placed into vases on the tables and other green houseplants running along the shelves. Later on I got to know that it is due to Tímea Muszula, the wife of the owner Döme Házi, who has her own florist shop called Laura Virág.

             The interior furnishing is also something worth mentioning. The place follows the so-called “shabby chic” style which is a form of vintage decoration. In practice it means basically the following: the furniture look used, worn and probably even inexpensive, yet it leaves a sort of fancy Parisian romantic impression. The dominance of white colour is fairly striking in Vintage Garden, but thanks to the pastel flowers and ornaments, it has a pleasant effect in general.

            There is no reason to complain about the menu either. You can choose from a number of starters, soups, pastas, mains, salads, sandwiches or desserts, and they have just introduced breakfasts last week. Everything is offered from the very Hungarian goulash soup to the more elegant moules marinières; what is more, they also have creations based on their own recipes, such as the Vintage Garden salad or burger. Even though I have only tried mini croissants, tuna cream bruschetta, and divergent types of coffee, I can tell it is worth the money. Moreover, they also pay attention to the ones having gluten sensitivity or being on paleolithic diet which is a big plus in the eyes of many. Regarding the prices, approximately they are just the same as in other above-average places in the city centre. A latte and some croissants cost about 1300 HUF, while for a stodgier meal you have to pay 2-3000 HUF.

            Although Vintage Garden is rather a place for girls to have a nice chit-chat and is not necessarily the place where you can just randomly spend an hour or two of your spare time, it is definitely worth giving a try. The dream-like vintage look combined with the scent of flowers and freshly made food lingering in the air creates a delightful atmosphere that everyone should experience.

Address: 21 Dob street, Budapest, Hungary, 1071

Opening hours: Monday-Sunday 07.00-00.00

Facebook: Vintage Garden

by Noémi Pikó

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