The secrets of Scandinavian chic

Interview with Varga Priszcilla, PR& Communication Director of the Up to Style online fashion journal and webshop.


Could you please introduce

The current format of Up. To. Style was formed in April by a group of friends, but it was essentially started by a married couple who are currently living in Copenhagen. The main concept was to represent the Scandinavian, minimalist clean style. The purpose is to spread the main profile of this clean, clear style here in Hungary among young people. We thought that is is very trending, its something you can build design, fashion, beauty products around. Its actually quite universal. We all saw a potential in this opportunity, so the small group of friends started the website in June. The current, finalised team was formed in September, which consists of editors, marketing, social media, sales, owner and an IT guy. I personally am the creative director of the style.





Can you tell me about your role as a creative director?

Basically, I have ideas that I scribble down, or concepts that I think would be great, and then I give those themes, topics and ideas to the editors. So a part of my job is about coming up with ideas. The other part is to contact mostly Hungarian, or foreign brands. Before this I used to work at a design shop, responsible for its social media, that gave me the opportunity to get to know many brands, and often their sales person as well. Due to having these relationships, or a contact’s contact, the role naturally fell to me. I also knew bloggers as well due to previous job, so those contacts helped. And I’m also the one here in Budapest who goes to the business meetings with these brands. Sometimes we put out my pictures on our Instagram site as well, but that is more the responsibility of the marketing and social media department.

Your site also sells certain products, such as Cluse watches and Fjall Raven backpacks. What did you keep in mind when selecting these products?


Fjall Raven backpack

Our concept was to sell something that cannot be found anywhere else here in Hungary. Our first idea was Fjall Raven, but they started to sell it elsewhere since, so that didn’t end up to be as unique as we wanted it to…

We had a very successful collaboration with Cluse, so that gave the idea of selling it in Hungary. So the main idea is to sell things that our clients would want to buy and is not available here.


Cluse watch


Memo bottles

That’s also why we are selling Cereal Magazine as well, Kinfolk too. We
brought the Memo Bottles in as well, that they were giving to everyone at this years Oscars Gala as well. This was actually a great marketing opportunity for
us, to show that we are very current. So basically our only criteria is for the product to be unique, and not available anywhere else, and be vendible.


Who is the target audience of your site?

We focus on young people, between the ages of 17 to mid twenties. Partially since we can see in almost every area that younger and younger people are targeted. For instance, models become famous a lot younger than they used to, some of them retiring at 22. So this trend reached us as well, so we feel like they are a very receptive audience to target. They are the future.

So then this is why you emphasize Instagram more than Facebook? Is that layer of society in Hungary that you are targeting more active on Instagram? 

1db5b86eb4118a676947c7a81ae2e9bbWe are using Instagram more because it is an easier platform to reach people. Even though they are more likely to read the articles on Facebook. The number of clicks on Facebook help us greatly, however it is much easier for people to find us on Instagram. I also think that most people like to look at nice galleries on their phones, and if you’re doing it well than you can profit from it.

Where do you get your inspiration? And where are you looking for the latest trends?

There are some smart sites where you can find new ideas. But sometimes its terribly random, with me just rolling down on Facebook and randomly finding a good article. I’m following and checking high-profile fashion pages that will inform me and where I can get inspiration.

Do you have a favourite fashion designer? Or someone who you watch regularly, whose style you like?

Well due to the fact that they are coming out of every tap, and because they are young we regularly return to the style of Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid. Their stylists are very good, around 7 out of their 10 outfits are ones that we can easily feature on our page because it matches our style. As for designers, there are a lot of great ones, but we are trying to look for new names. Let’s say, we find a designer from Iceland, because there aren’t a lot of those. So we are looking for new ones, but all within the Scandinavian style of fashion and in that territory. One of our favourite designer is Henrik Vibskov. We love his style, and ideas on the runway as well, whenever we go to the fashion week in Copenhagen.


Henrik Vibskov


What can we expect for this Spring Season? What are the most important fashion items for those girls who prefer this Scandinavian style?

For taller girls the coulotte-trousers are very fashionable. Shoes with Velcro-fasteners are also coming back, for example the white Adidas Originals had become very trending.e7a90169a42984833f8e0bd8282262b4

Turtleneck, in every shape and form, whether sleeveless, short or long sleeved, preferably cropped is fashionable. In accessories the new Dior sunglasses were picked up by every blogger, and is becoming very cool. I’m hoping that watches will become more popular. The style doesn’t even matter as long as we preserve this great tradition of wearing analogue watches. This is only a hope though, not a prediction. In colours the pastel shades are of course back for spring and summer. The colours of this year are the baby blues, and baby pinks. These will definitely remain dominant.


What are the top five items of clothing that everyone should have in their wardrobe?

Well, Oxford shoes are a must; a leather jacket; a premium category scarf, even if its more expensive, but one that lasts longer. All of these in base colours, such as black or grey.422fc369af5e5519bb6adff46e140bcb

A turtleneck, in any base colour, but the black is the most practical. I think an elegant pair of trousers (trouser suit) is indispensable. And I also advise buying a pair of sunglasses by a premium category brand. These pieces are easy to combine with most outfits. Actually, you can even wear all these at once.

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— Petra Hack


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