Budapest kept it mello – an evening full of good vibes

Recently the trap scene has moved inevitably towards future bass, a new, aspiring genre that is based on the feel good principle and thus creating a very positive atmosphere. Enormous number of well-known producers embraced this genre by making songs and remixes, but the most prominent characters of future bass are indisputably San Holo, Slushii and Marshmello at the moment.


The latter is currently travelling around the world with his “Keep It International” tour, and on Friday, 4 March, he made a stop by us, and played an unforgettable set alongside Tomsize at Akvárium Klub in the organization of Next Level Budapest. Playing here, however, was something very special to do, as after touring in Australia in February, this has been Marshmello’s first time not only in Hungary, but on the whole continent, too. Nevertheless, he seemed to have spent a wonderful week here, for which the amount of photos he shared on various social media platforms are the evidence.

But who is Marshmello at all? Well, that is the million-dollar question, everybody is so eager to find an answer for. So far, his identity has not been confirmed as he always plays in his huge, marshmallow-shaped white mask. Although, several rumours have been circulated on the Internet for months who he might be, but an official statement still has not been made. This is due to his ideology: it does not matter who plays or makes the music, the only thing that matters is the feeling that the artist gives to the audience. And, oh boy. The turn-up was real last Friday night. It was clear that Marshmello made an impact in Hungary and won more members to his fan base, called the Mellogang.

Truth to be told, at first, I was very sad and disappointed that I could not have an interview with him, but as I found out later, he has not done any yet, which also sums up how exclusive this event was. Even so, the prices were not in the clouds. In advance, the tickets cost 3000, on the spot 3500 HUF. However, I still had the privilege of enjoying the party from the VIP terrace (as I am working for Next Level), where I came across familiar faces: mainly other Hungarian DJs and artists, like Marsalkó Dávid (singer of Halott Pénz) or Horváth Gáspár, better known, Jumodaddy, just to mention two. This again indicates the level of inquiry for one of America’s most sought-after DJs.

Let’s not forget, however, he was not the only foreign act this time beside the well-known Hungarian team (Dublic, B’Andre, Sammie Beats, Skrude and Dj N1ce). After Marshmello, the Parisian born, Solal Dunckel-Barbier, better known as Tomsize played on for the hungry audience that still strived for trap music, even though it was already well passed 3 a.m., when he started. For him, however, this was the second time to play in Budapest, as he spinned the records on the A38 ship alongside San Holo and Losco back in November. Just like then, he immediately caused an explosion in Akvárium Klub (winner of ‘The best big club’ title in 2015, awarded by the prestigious Budapest Nightlife Awards) as he pushed the after party in the direction of heavy-bass music. He was not afraid of pulling out such massive and hard songs from his repertoire such as: Zomboy-Like a bitch, or a couple of tracks from Skrillex’s debut album, “Scary monsters and nice sprites”.

All things considered, everybody (all DJs, the organizers and the audience) left the party with a very sweet, marshmallow-like taste in their mouth, as a lot of people, including Marshmello and Tomsize themselves, expressed how pleased and satisfied they were. Maybe, Marshmello did not leave with a very sweet taste in his mouth, though, as he uploaded his last picture from the party with the description: “Thank you Budapest for having me in your beautiful city! I’ll never forget you guys or the pàlinka I drank.”

There is nothing left to say other than the impersonated candy’s own maxim:
Keep it mello!





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