“There Is a F*cking Sh*tload of You!” – A Kasabian concert review

“Shut up and take my money” should have been the tagline for this concert. After literally whining for over three years and waiting for Kasabian to come to Hungary, Sziget finally announced new names and I just kept staring at my screen not believing what I’m seeing.

kasabian1Sziget Official

Then came the excruciating long waiting period until 14th August. At last, in the morning we set out to procure our food for the day because, let’s be honest, Sziget prices are not tailored for the average Hungarian festival-goer. When we arrived we had a bit of a look-see, visited a couple of concerts and when the Kasabian concert drew closer we set out to the main stage. After the Marina and the Diamonds show I utilized all my skills I developed during high school lunch queues and pounded forward all the way to the second row. We still got one hour left which felt like eternity, fortunately, the colour party shook us up a bit. And then it hit us: the intro started playing and I still couldn’t believe I’m going to see Kasabian live. After a couple of seconds the guys appeared on stage: the drummer, Ian Matthews, the bass player, Chris Edwards and the other touring members, Ben Kealey and Tim Carter. Then the guitarist, Sergio, arrived in his usual plain white T with skeleton printed jeans and Tom Meighan and his always effortless self. Without wasting any time they instantly set the mood with their energetic “Bumblebeee” from their newest album, 48:13. Although Tom needed some time during the song to psych himself up, Sergio did an awesome job at shaking the audience up which really didn’t need that much encouraging. Next came the bold “Shoot the Runner” from their 2006 album, Empire and this was the point when Tom started interacting with the crowd. All the favourites were performed: Underdog, Days are Forgotten, Club Foot, Fire and Vlad the Impaler, but they couldn’t forget about the new songs either: the lively “Eez-Eh” lifted the mood after the slower “Days After Forgotten” and if Sergio asks you to jump you really can’t say no.

kasabian2Antonio Coppola

He also got a big part in “Treat” where he sang part of his solo lying on the catwalk. Then came “Stevie” which was special in itself: it’s a calm piece and Tom singing the ending acapella made everyone’s heart flutter. However, the boys can’t let the concert get too emotional, not even when the bromance reaches 100%: Tom and Sergio are sitting on the stage and Tom basically sings “Praise You” by Fatboy Slim to Sergio. That’s why this setlist is so beautifully crafted: the psyched-up “Fire” cheered up the crowd and everyone went crazy. Or should I say crazier after Sergio started chanting the sentence: “Let’s go fucking mental” because during the sixth song “Club Foot” certain parts of the crowd were already moshing, couple of different people were crowd surfing and the audience lifted up a guy riding his scooter and all the others were singing at the top of their lungs.

The concert was full of energy and the guys really enjoyed it as well; Tom even said goodbye with: “God Bless Budapest, I luv ya, goodnight!” and he doesn’t say things like this often. The audience showed its gratitude by singing the melody of “L.S.F.” even after the band left the stage. This show was definitely their best Hungarian gig so far and one thing for sure: you can’t stand still during a Kasabian concert and after it ends you need at least half an hour to recover.


By Klaudia Simon


For concert dates visit the Official Kasabian page


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