Dublin National Wax Museum


The National Wax Museum is a thrilling attraction and it is perfect for a fun day out. It is situated in the heart of Dublin City Centre in the Temple Bar area. National Wax Museum is exciting and interactive and it will bring you on a journey through Irish history and culture. It is an amusing attraction for both children and adults.

The National Wax Museum is made out of four floors full of different wax figures. First room that visitors enter is the Irish Writers room. This room is a greeting to the literary heritage of Ireland’s greatest writers such Samuel Beckett, Oscar Wilde and William Butler Yeats. The figures look very realistic and visitors are allowed to take pictures. In front of each statue there is a text and an audio background explaining their influence over Ireland’s culture.

After the Writers Room visitors go down in to the basement to learn more about Irish history. The Time vaults offer the sightseers a chance to explore the different stages of Irish history through educational experience with sight and sound. Starting with the Viking Ireland the tour takes you on a journey through the most significant moments of Irish history. The visitors have a chance to see the wreckage of potato famine, the rise of the rebellion and a Good Day Friday Agreement. The basement is also home to the Chamber of Horrors where the visitors get a chance to face their fears. Here you can meet Dracula and Hannibal and see how scary they really are.

To lighten the mood after the basement the visitors move up to the second floor into the Children’s fantasy world. Children can explore a passageway of four worlds and meet the Simpsons and Harry Potter or stop to watch a movie or puppet show. Meanwhile the parents can continue touring the second floor which is also a tribute to Irish heroes of science and engineering.

The third floor of the National Wax Museum houses a Hall of Irish Legends such as sporting, theatre and television legends. Also this floor offers the unique “green screen” video room; The WAX Factor recording studio which gives visitors a chance to try everything out for themselves. The green room allows you to record yourself on tape while singing your favorite song or try yourself out as background cast in a music video.

Last but not least is the Grand Hall Of Fame which features some of the greatest movie and music legends. The visitors get a chance to snap photos with wax figures of U2, Phil Lynott and Liam Neeson. It is a perfect finish to a perfect tour.

Lucija Malnar


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