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Our highly motivated English in the Media Specialisation group, Ádám Balatoni, Donatella Cseri, Lucija Malnar, Eszter Pálinkás, Klaudia Simon and Virág Tyekvicska created the latest blog posts for the Twisted iDEAL in the Fall of 2015.

First of all, Ádám, Donatella and Simi decided to introduce events they visited in Budapest in the previous months: the “ARC” exhibition at the Ötvenhatosok square and the dorm event of ELTE, the 10th Kerekes napok (Kerekes Days) and the Kasabian concert on Sziget. After the short insight into the life of the capital, Lucija and Virág and took us to farther lands: to the Wax Museum of Ireland and to a personal travel to India. To have enough energy for all these programs Eszter suggested to eat Bio Csiri sprouts.

Kerekes Napok from both sides – Ádám

“ARC” – Donatella

Kasabian Concert – Klaudia

Irish Wax Museum – Lucija

India as an Anti-Tourist – Virág

Bio Csiri Sprouts – Eszter

For the interviews, we followed the national-international scheme again. Lucija continued with interviewing Alex King, Virág intervied Bori Vigh, the founder of and Adam had a talk with Marin Marian, Czech DJ and producer. Then, returning to Hungary, Donatella showed another profession in the Media through a great talk with Krisztina Bombera. Covering other cultural areas, Eszter met with the person between the widely known Hungarian voice of Jim Carrey, József Kerekes. And finally we dived into some creativity: Simi interviewed Ákos Polgárdi a Hungarian graphic designer.

Lucija – Alex King

Donatella – Krisztina Bombera

Eszter – József Kerekes

Simi – Ákos Polgárdi

Ádám – Marin Marian

Virág – Bori Vigh

As Christmas came closer, we thought about a touching project about asking people how they would make the world a better place. Finally, we decided to make it funnier instead, and shot an evening talk show with our great host: Ádám.
Thank you for reading, and enjoy!


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  1. Keith Taylor

    ATTENTION: Ádám Balatoni

    As an American Lektor teaching for DEAL, I am generally quite impressed with the quality of writing on The Twisted iDEAL, as well as with the high-interest level of the articles. I am currently teaching an elective class, ANG11-362.91 Editing Non-Native Texts – focusing on editing English language texts written by Hungarians – and I would like to propose some sort of collaboration between my students and your staff.

    I have, in fact, already met you, Ádám, in the office I share with your mentor, Dr. Katona László, and by way of following up on that introduction, I would like to invite you or one of your colleagues to come and speak to my class, after the Spring break, if you have the time available. This class meets in SEAS Room 451 on Wednesday afternoons from 3:30 pm to 5:00 pm.

    I’m thinking you might possibly be able to talk to us about the about the benefits and challenges of writing for and editing this publication – and perhaps also give us a heads-up about articles currently in production for the Spring edition. In addition, I’d like to explore whether you might be able to use the assistance of any of the quite high-level budding editors in my class to help with getting some of those articles ready for publication.


    Keith Taylor
    Mobile: +36-20-232-7324

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