X. Kerekes Napok from both sides

The Kerekes Napok – Kerekes Days – is the biggest ELTE dorm-events of all. It is organised in every March annually, but this year the festival had a reason to celebrate: it was the 10th Kerekes Napok held back in March 2015.

Originally the event consist of three days – a sport day and two party days – but this time it was reduced to two to avoid the clashes and overlaps of different events because of the continuous and frequent follow-ups of several ELTE occasions at the same time, but the dorm only benefited from this, because instead of three average days the organizers could concentrate on two strong ones.

However, I belong to those lucky ones who had some insights of the organization part, mostly because I was invited ther
e to undertake a gig as a DJ. And from this point of view, I can analyse it from both inside and outside.

As it tu1rned out, the first day was the sport day. For this occasion a lot of sportswomen and sportsmen are invited mostly from ELTE BEAC – Athletic Club of Budapest Universities – to offer a try-out and also perform some particular sports which can rarely be reached in daily life, like pole dance (right), material arts (down left), aerobic and lasertag among many others. I had the pleasure to take part in the lasertag championship for all the day, which was a great fun (down right).

After the exciting but of course tiring sport activities, the participants had the opportunity to have some rest in the evening: everyone was welcomed in the tea house with pancakes. I successfully consumed approximately 12 pancakes and 3 cups of tea that evening after my serious physical quest. There was a wide choice of pancakes with five kinds of flavours, food-coloured and painted ones with at least 20 different kinds of tea tastes. And of course all the menu a’la carte was free. This happened to be a very kind gesture from the organizers and a good opportunity for the participants to have some chat and rest in the romantic tea house, where only candles were lit and some pleasant background music was granted.


While the sport day was a daylong fun, the next and at the same time the final day hold the celebration and the parties. The opening hour was 8pm, the first concert started one hour after. There were four concerts including mine held in the Conference room #1 which is the biggest public area at the festival with its capacity of 400 people. There are two more
Conference rooms. Party people could test their voices with the karaoke and their dance moves with Faninfo[1] in the room #2. Last but not least, the room #3 was the VIP section with some more food and drink.


The four concerts were energetic and dynamic; the waiting time between two shows was infinitesimal. Two bands and two DJ-s acted out: Fák Alatt Zenekar (right) started the evening at 9pm, then Halott Pénz (middle) was coming at 10pm. While the former is a smaller band playing
some alternative and chill music with a lot of adaptations of popular songs, the latter is one of the most popular bands in Hungary. The highlight of the night was Halott Pénz for sure, giving sold out concert.



And from midnight, the DJ-s were in charge of the great mood. Tesco Disco had a two-hour-long gig up to 2am. He performed his usual setlist with alternative and commercial tracks. His setlist was a little bit lightish, so two hours of him was just enough for an event where people want to go crazy on the dance floor. And then came the final performer.


Here comes the other side from the Kerekes Napok: I took over the baton from 2am. I knew that I had to do a good job in order to keep the people on the floor. I also knew that they were lusting for something heavy. Officially the party should have lasted till 4am, but the crowd enjoyed the party so much that finally it was half past six when I shot it down.

Up to this point I reviewed the event from a participant’s point of view, but now let us see the other side. First of all, the sound system was amazing. The organizers of Kerekes Napok took really care of it and must have spent a lot of money on it, because a very professional company was invited who brought the best of their equipment. The DJ booth sounded accurate, the mixer was very sensitive since it could sense the smoothest movements of my fingers. The lighting technique was not automatic thank God, it was operated by lighting technician who could follow the style and energy of my music and adjust the lights to the sounds.


The crowd was also fantastic, I loved playing there. Rarely can I see such an enthusiastic audience who really wants to party hard, so I enjoyed every bit of my gig. It is always good to see supportive people filled with enthusiasm.

As for the whole Kerekes Napok, about 4-5 thousands of people were invited via the Facebook event, and approximately one thousand people were interested. The only problem is that the capacity of the whole event is not more than five hundred, and 10 minutes after the opening the whole place got crowded, and it became sold out in half an hour. Of course there were more tickets, it was not the problem; the capacity reached its maximum, according to the number of the sold armband. I can mention just positive reviews and praise the event, but I felt sorry for the people who left out in the line outside, this was my only bad feeling.

Altogether, I can admit that the 10th Kerekes Napok was worthy to be the tenth: smooth organization, professional crew and equipment, good performers, great crowd. The bar has been set high, I am curious of whether the 11th Kerekes Napok can top it or not. Maybe yes, maybe no, but one thing is for sure: I am waiting for it!

[1] Faninfo is the name of the team who uses Nintendo Wii and dancing software to organize funny dancing competitions – the participants grab the remote controllers and choose a soundtrack, and then a dancing choreography is shown live on a big screen. The contestants only have to follow the movements, and the remote control in their hands calculates the moves and gives points according to their quality. Four people can play at the same time; the one who gets the highest score wins.

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