Interview with Marin Marian, Czech DJ, producer, musician

24-year-old Marin Marian – a.k.a Magnetic Point – is a young and emerging electronic musician from Czech Republic, who has some really interesting opinions about the musical life. We have a mutual Portuguese friend, namely Rui Pinto, who managed to introduce Marian to me when he was in Budapest back in October. As we are both DJs, we could easily talk for hours about our mutual interest. Now I arranged a Skype interview with him to ask what happened since.


Did you manage to finish your latest EP[1]?

Yeah yeah, it has been released for a week now.

If I’m not mistaken, this is your first EP, but the success came right after the release since it got a recommendation from Armin Van Buuren. What is the secret of your success?

Oh yes, everything happened so fast, I can hardly believe it! I had been working on Future Design (the title of his EP – the editor) for eight months, and I did not have high hopes concerning its success. I have about a thousand followers on SoundCloud, little more friends on Facebook, I thought it was going to reach like some hundred trance fans. Then I was like, why would I just wait here if I can enter my title song to the State of Trance 742 (trance contest – the editor). Soon after I got a notification that the editors of the site – including Armin – shared my title song on their Facebook page!

[1] Extended Play – recording that contains more music than a single, but less than a full studio album

Now that’s what I call surprise!

Yeah. In a few hours Future design (the title song – the editor) had a high number of views, like three thousand! I could hardly believe it. I had so many positive critical responses that it gave me such a motivation that now I’m thinking of my next EP.

If seem to be so resolute, you should have a publisher…

I am about to have one! I have been offered with contract from Asylum Mental Record, now we are arranging things with the publisher. I don’t want to rush so fast, I want to make sure that what I’m doing is fine.

That’s a good idea. Let us just slow down a little bit and talk about you and your relationship with music. Have you always wanted to be a musician, or it was just a lucky coincidence that you are here now?

To be honest, I have never thought about becoming a musician. When I was younger, many people kept asking me “why don’t you start playing on guitar or piano or whatever? You have so long fingers”. I just didn’t care with them. Later on I become a teenager and we enjoyed the parties of Prague, but after some years I just got bored of the parties because of the same old commercial music. I wanted to hear some trance, rock the clubs while dancing to trance. Soon after it became obvious for me that if I don’t start my own career I will never hear trance songs in pubs. So I just simply got bored of the crap music and I was like okay, I will change the world!

Whoah, so determined! So this is how you started. What happened after?

Well I started to train myself, individually. Later on my friends tried to offer me to a club, but I didn’t have high hopes. After some trials, I got the opportunity to play in that club. I was like okay, no one will come and so on, so I wasn’t nervous at all, I cannot fail anything. But for my biggest surprise, many of my friends came and the club was full. Then I just enjoyed myself playing, didn’t care about anything. That was the turning point, when I became sure that I have to do this, I was born to do this. When the party was over, the owner of the club came to me and told me: “you were good, you can come back some other time if you want, maybe we can have some business together”. These words back then meant a lot to me.

And slowly Magnetic Point is taking over the world! Ha-ha.

I wish I would! But not so fast. Let’s wait what happens with this contract.

Absolutely. Now that we all know about the roots, I am curious of your style. I mean nowadays it must be so hard to settle down in the musical industry since it is almost full, I have a feeling that anyone who is not involved in the same commercial music has no chance. What do you think of that?

Yes, it is obvious that DJs who immediately start off with commercial music, they have the highest chances. It is getting harder and harder to settle down if you are, you know, different. The musical industry is being monopolized at the moment, thus I myself have some concerns of my future, but I will do my best. Why trance? That is so simple. Armin Van Buuren had the most influence on me when I was a kid. Since then, trance is sucking me deeper and deeper.

What can you suggest to amateur DJs who just get started? Do you have any advice for them?

Be positive, trustful, never give up and never forget to say please, and thank you. I guess I won’t lie when I say that a little luck is also important…

What is your luck?

Well, that I love trance, and Armin is also a trance DJ, and he noticed me. I would have never thought that, but it was real.

What else?

One must be resolute. If commitment is missing, there is no chance. And be brave. Do not afraid of pushing yourself forward. Nowadays you can only survive if you do so.

I hope commitment is something you won’t miss for a long time! What’s next?

I guess I need to relax a bit. I was working hard on my EP, it reached wider audience, and I got a contract offer. Now I just need to take a small break, be prudent, and if everything is said and done, I can continue producing music. One of my long-term goals is to play at some of the biggest trance festivals soon.

Let’s hope that! Meet you there, Marian, thanks for the interview!

The pleasure is mine.


Marin Marian’s newest EP is available at

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