Bio Csiri sprouts – The awakening life

Sprouts are small, healthy and tasteful plants that can be germinated at home or can be bought in supermarkets packed in boxes. This type of vegetable is known in America and in Western Europe for about 30-40 years, but in the East-European countries it only spread 15 years ago.


Fresh sprouts are not only delicious, but also very healthy. They contain plenty of minerals and vitamins; they provide protection against many diseases, help to stay energetic, avoid exhaustion and strengthen the immune system. Sprouted seeds are also low in fat and rich in nutritional values, protein and antioxidants, slowing down the ageing process. You only need to consume a small amount of them to get the energy and nutrients of the grown vegetable.

There are many sorts of sprouts on the market, such as broccoli, onion, wheat, radish, leek, alfalfa, mungbean or sweet pea sprout, and other sprout mixes. Each of them has different effects and different tastes. For example, wheat sprouts are sweeter and they might help to prevent problems with the cardiovascular system due to its high-level of vitamin A, B, B17, C and E, folic acid and magnesium. The taste of the onion, leek or radish sprouts is more characteristic; however the alfalfa and the broccoli are rather neutral. Beware! You should not eat more than 3 spoons of radish sprouts, because they might cause cramps. A box of it contains the vitamins, enzymes and minerals of 2 kg radish.

1006026_500006576735585_1743777393_nIn Hungary Ökovital Ltd. produces organic sprouts introducing them to people for more than 10 years. They germinate certificated quality seeds through strictly inspected conditions by using unique machines and water based technology. People can try and taste their sprouts on several events,
for example, on “health-days” in schools, on food exhibitions, festivals or sport events. Bio Csiri organic sprouts are available in the vegetable refrigerators of foodstore chains and supermarkets, such as TESCO, METRO, Auchan and Spar.

A few times I had the chance to offer and introduce sprouts to people on different events; the experience was really interesting. For x_rukkolas_dobozme, it was not a surprise that some of them are not as tasteful as others. But hearing it from other people through several expressions was quite entertaining. Young children usually liked them, but once a young girl suggested her mother not to eat sprouts, otherwise a flower will grow in her tummy. People between 20 and 50 were usually inquiring or neutral, but elderly people created the funniest phrases and had the most concerns. My personal favourite was a man, who avoided trying them because he said he might grow roots. Others said they will take a stake instead, but unfortunately we couldn’t serve them with that. Another usual question was that if these are plants, animals or small worms.

According to my previous experiences if you want to follow a conscious, healthy and colourful lifestyle and you are opened to try new and interesting flavours you should taste this special kind of vegetable and add it to your food as often as you can.

gastro photography

gastro photography

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