Torta és Karamell Szalon – Where even the caramel flowers seem real

Wonderful, realistic caramel flowers, elegant wedding cakes and beautifully decorated desserts – this is what you see, when you first enter to Torta és Karamell Szalon in Győr.

Photo: Szalay Mona

Photo: Szalay Mona

The owner is Lengyel József, the former confectioner of Mathias Patisserie. He won the title “Best Wedding Confectioner“ three times at the Hungarian Wedding Gala with his beautiful creations and caramel flower decorations and he is currently one of the most popular wedding cake designers in Hungary. He stated in several interviews that making cakes is not just a work for him, it is a passion and his life. He has been running a blog for four years, where he shares pictures of his cakes and gives a little insight to his work. After years of planning, he opened his little cake shop in Győr this February. His plan is to concentrate mainly on cakes, but the Torta és Karamell Szalon also offers take-away mousse-based desserts and cakes.

Photo: Szalay Mona

Photo: Szalay Mona

I have first met with Lengyel József’s work two years ago, when my family ordered a cake for my grandmother’s birthday. The decoration was breathtaking: beautiful, realistic pink water lilies made of caramel and a simple green silk ribbon around the cake.
First I was afraid that although the cake is beautiful outside, they did not pay enough attention to its taste, but it was delicious. The chocolate sponge was smooth enough and the strawberry filling wasn’t too buttery. The price of the cake was a little bit expensive, but it absolutely worth it for a special event, such as wedding or a birthday.

Photo: Torta és Karamell

Photo: Torta és Karamell

I have visited the new salon a few days ago. The shop is located in the heart of Győr with a beautiful sight to the Danube. The salon fits to the cakes’ elegant appearance with its black and beige interior and simple furniture. This time I tried one of the mousse-based desserts and two kinds of cake. All of the desserts and slices of cake were around 6-800 HUF. All of the desserts exceeded my expectations, they were not only beautifully decorated, but their taste were outstanding too. The poppy seed-raspberry mousse was perfectly airy, the caramel and the Belgian chocolate cake’s base was full of dark chocolate and their cream was creamy enough but not too thick.

Photo: Orosz Sándor

Photo: Orosz Sándor

There were still some drawbacks though, what I lay on the recent opening’s charge. They did not have proper wrapping for the desserts, only cake boxes. Although it keeps the cakes from crushing, if someone buy only one or two pieces of cake it can be uncomfortable or even hard to carry them home in a big cake box. They also run out of desserts pretty soon every day, but their main profile is cake design and they are making a great amount of cakes every day so it can be understandable. The third problem is the location of the shop. Although it will be an outstanding spot later – as it is located by the Danube riverside -, now the whole street is under construction and it is very hard to find the shop.

All in all, I really do recommend this little shop for every sweet-lover. Lengyel József and his team will certainly dazzle everyone with their gorgeously decorated cakes.

Photo: Torta és Karamell

Photo: Torta és Karamell

Address: Győr, Móricz Zsigmond Rakpart 6-8.

Opening Hours:
Tue – Fri: 10:00 am – 4:30 pm
Sat:8:00 am – 1:00 pm

Blog: Torta és Karamell blog
Facebook: Torta és Karamell

by Fanni Kaszás



  1. elmenymuhely

    Kedves Fanni !
    Nagyon köszönöm az őszinte sorokat 🙂
    Egy véletlen folytán kerültem az oldalra, de örülök, hogy elolvastam …
    A problémákon pedig igyekszem javítani és az utca hamarosan járható és megközelíthető lesz !

    Lengyel József

    • fannikaszas

      Én köszönöm a választ! 🙂 Épp most készültem elküldeni a linket Facebookon, de úgy néz ki elkéstem vele. A problémák pedig igazán semmiségek a gyönyörű torta-csodák és sütemények mellett!

      Kaszás Fanni

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