Bors GasztroBár, or Where Food Goes to Heaven

Finding a good place to eat out as a university student isn’t the easiest task. In fact, it is pretty difficult to find one that has reasonable prices, works with quality ingredients, and goes beyond the good old gyros and coke combo. Luckily, I found one place that has it all: Bors GasztroBár in Kazinczy utca.


Actually, it wasn’t me who found it. Rumor had had it for months that there was a new street food place near ELTE BTK that was blowing minds and impressing taste buds. So on one hungry day I went. And I am happy I did.

Imagine a teeny-tiny room with full of smiling people, hip hop music, and cool interior design. Usually, there are four or five guys cooking, taking orders, and helping hungry university students / foreigners / businessmen and businesswomen to their food. They are helpful, quick, and their t-shirts say “Baguette! I’m your father.” They specialize in soups and baguettes, and they are good at it. From creamy fruit soups through “Túró Rudi soup” to spicy Hungarian specialties with an unexpected twist, they have basically everything. As for the baguettes… Let’s take “French Lady” as an example: onion jam with raspberry, spicy chicken breast, and edamer cheese. A party in the mouth.


One would think that this kind of culinary experience costs a lot, but the prices are just as friendly as the guys on the other side of the counter. A cup of soup and a normal sized baguette cost around 1200 forints, but you are good for the rest of the afternoon. You can also go for pasta, some dessert, or even a cold drink. What’s more, take-away is also an option, so you can finish your soup in the lobby on the 4th floor of Building R before class.

All in all, Bors GasztroBár is a great place: fresh, upbeat, professional, customer oriented, the prices are good, and the food is great. What else would a hungry student want on a tiring Wednesday afternoon?


Bors GasztroBár
Kazinczy utca 10., Budapest (district 7)
Opening hours: Monday – Sunday, 11:30-21:00


by L. Kovács Kinga


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