Fit, Fun, and Fabulous


Want to lead a healthy lifestyle? Want to have a fit body but you loath gyms? You think all of them are full of obnoxious and egoistic people? Well, your negative perception is about to change. Let me introduce you to a facility that you will fall in lovely with instantly: Rezidencia Spa and Fitness. Located in a new apartment complex on the beautiful riverside of Moson-Duna it is loved by men and women of every age and fitness level. Among the members there are kids as young as 14 years old and retired people as well but one thing is common between all of them: they want to be fit in a healthy way; you won’t find steroid using jocks and self-absorbed women. People are nice and helpful and they only go to the gym to work out so you won’t see girls who pose in front of mirrors and take pictures instead of sweating on the treadmill. In fact, several people became self-conscious when they saw me with my camera.

You decided to join the gym but you don’t know how to start? Fear not, Rezidencia has amazing personal trainers who can prepare a fitness plan for you and give diet advice as well. You can contact the gym’s fearless leader, Barbi, everyone’s favorite Gymstick guy, Laci (both pictured below) or the awesome TRX girls Petra and Melinda and they will help you get in shape swiftly.

There is a huge variety of equipment in the fitness gym; there are treadmills, bikes, ellipticals for cardio lovers, there is equipment that is ideal for women and there are plenty of dumbbells and barbells for gentlemen. Also, there are steps, fit balls, and ankle weights that you can use.
As a result you can vary your workouts so you will never get bored.

ImageHowever, if you’re not a fan of weight-lifting or the elliptical and you want to have some fun as well, there are several aerobics and other classes you can choose from. There are classes every weekday usually from 5 pm to 8 or 9 pm so you can catch them even if you’re at school or work in the afternoon. There is something to choose from for everyone. If you like fun, but easier step aerobics you can check out Dia’s classes, but if you want to go hardcore you have to try Barbi’s intervall training (pictured below); it will certainly leave you breathless, sore, and sweaty but feeling so accomplished. If aerobics are not your thing you can try Laci’s Gymstick class (below). It’s new and trendy and it’s great for beginners and pros as well because by adjusting the gymstick you can control the intensity of your workout. Last but certainly not least you can do a butt kicking TRX with Melinda or an even more intense X-training or circuit workout with Petra. Whichever class you choose to attend I promise that you won’t be disappointed. All the instructors are professionals and very attentive so don’t be intimidated of you don’t know how to execute the movements at first, they will help you.

ImageAlong with the exquisite workout equipment Rezidencia Spa&Fitness encourages you to lead an all around healthy lifestyle by selling organic ingredients for your meals such as coconut oil, oat flour, and birch sugar. Protein shakes, sports drinks, and energy bars are also available at the reception area. Now the prices: a 30-day ticket to the fitness gym costs 6000 forints for students and ranges from 6900 to 8500 for adults. The combined ticket which enables you to work out in the fitness gym and attend the classes costs 8500 per month. Personal training costs 3500 per hour but if you want to bring 3 of your friends the 4 of you can hire a trainer for 4000 forints.

All in all, Rezidencia is the ideal place for beginners and fitness fanatics as well so if you happen to live in Győr or just stay in town for a day you should definitely check it out you won’t be disappointed.


by Udvardi Anita


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