A Man Lost in Time

“Hello Dear, it’s lovely to see you.” It a greeting that you would not expect to hear in 2014, especially not from a 21-year-old young man. But this is how I was greeted by Attila Pósa when we met for a coffee to discuss his unique way of living. He is not only polite in his greeting but he helps off a girl’s coat and pulls out the chair for her. He truly is a gentleman. And a celebrity. We weren’t in the café for even a minute when several waiters and guests gathered around us to greet him and ask him how he’s been. It took at least five minutes before we could start our discussion. It’s not a surprise that everyone knows him; he has quite an unforgettable appearance and style. Today he wore a classical brown suit with a vest and a matching tie, a bowler-hat, and he carried a vintage cane. He not his appearance that is special but he has a great personality to match as well. So here’s what a young man had to say who considers himself a legal alien in the 21st century.


ImageEven though we’ve know each other since we were little could you say a few words about yourself and your unique style?

With pleasure. I’m 21 years old, I live in Hegyeshalom, and I study tourism at the University of West Hungary. But I guess this is not what’s interesting about me. My style is what usually gets second glances (laughs). My appearance is based on the 1920s era. Oh, that lovely jazz music and the exquisite salons, how nice would it be to live there?!

If I look at your appearance it seems like a carefully composed attire. The suit, the accessories, the hat, the cane, it all seems to fit perfectly.

Well, thank you. I do assemble my look attentively; I want it to resemble the 20s as much as possible. Some of my suits are custom made but I’m able to purchase most of them from regular shops. Same with my shirts and ties, but I only wear conservative ties. The only funky tie I have is a tie with Christmas trees that I got from my mother. Needless to say I don’t wear that too often. My accessories are a bit harder to come by. My cane is a family heritage so I take very good care of it. I buy my hats in a vintage hat shop and actually I’m waiting for my summer hat to arrive from Vienna; it should be here by next week. As for my accessories there is a delightful antique shop here in Győr and as a regular customer I often find treasures that I buy immediately.

Can you pinpoint the exact time when you switched from jeans to tuxedos? I remember that you wanted to be a locomotive engineer for a long time when we were kids.

You remember? Yes, it was a big dream of mine. But I guess the 20s calling was louder (laughs). My aunt always says that I was born with this sophisticated style. I’ve always enjoyed classical music and opera and when I saw my first old movie “Hyppolit” I was done with this century. I’m just mesmerized by that whole period; not only the clothes, the music, but the atmosphere of that decade. If I can recall correctly I was in 10th grade when one day I decided to wear my suit to school. This is how it all began.

ImageYou also designed your room like a salon.

Yes, I worked very hard to find all the right pieces of furniture but I think I did a pretty good job. I have a nice sofa, a drink cabinet, a gramophone, a vintage clock, and a vintage phone that actually has Bluetooth and can be connected to an iPhone. The whole room is a rough replica of an English salon thus the material is mostly copper and wood. I love it.

What is the reaction of people when they first see you?

“Ez hülye”. I’m serious. 9 out of 10 people say that. They think that I’m a few fries short of a happy meal. I’ve just heard that, I had to say it, I’m sorry (laughs). The one that doesn’t is usually a tourist who wants to take a photo with me. One time we were in Budapest and there was a group of Japanese tourists – and no, it’s not a beginning of a joke – and one of them saw me and shouted “Photo, photo”. So I had to take a picture with like a hundred Japanese tourists. I guess they thought I was paid to be a tourist attraction. But on a more serious note I think it is very sad that our society accepts people with horrendous tattoos, hideous clothes, and those huge ear holes, but they think I’m nuts for dressing nicely.

Has there been a situation where your appearance was an advantage for you?

Yes, many times. It’s actually a huge advantage at my job. We are doing our internship this semester at a posh hotel in Győr and I got to skip the first few weeks of not-so-glamorous jobs because they thought they wouldn’t be fitting (laughs). I was put in the reception area right at the beginning and I’ve been working as a waiter as well. The motto of the hotel is “We are ladies and gentlemen and we are serving ladies and gentlemen” so the manager was very happy when I showed up in my attire. He always says people judge hotels by the workers’ appearance so I guess mine says good things about the hotel. Also, I act as a protocol waiter for the Dean of my school. This means that during official meals only I can serve his dishes. It’s really cool to be honest. He also calls me the Count which is pretty good nickname I guess.

It really is. Unfortunately our time is up and it seems like there are people who are eager to talk to you so I’ll just leave you with your adoring crowd. Thank you for the interview.

Thank you Dear, see you soon.


by Udvardi Anita

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