Sweat is the Cologne of Success!


“Sweat is the Cologne of Success!”

By: Gregory Pártay

The smell of sweat and raw iron lingers in the air. The clanging of metal reverberates through the room, as if a hundred churches were ringing. The grunts and the disfigured faces give away the purpose of this shrine. It is one to the embodiment of hopes and dreams, the perfect physique.

When the word gym or fitness club is used many think of broad shouldered and muscular warriors who use the occasional shortcut to perfection. The person whose percentage of body fat is more than their IQ. People imagine large rooms filled to the brim with expensive machinery and weight loss solutions. Yet Astoria fitness gives off a different feel than the average hardcore workout experience.

Walking in one can feel the friendliness of the gym from the receptionist who is pleasantly smiling, for any customer is one who has realised their dream of become fit and healthy and that this is a place that they can happily do it in. Always ready to answer any question and willing to throw a smile your way, it feels like walking into your living room.


Albeit small, the gym brings people together. Due to the great prices allotted to University students it shows a little oddity when one can hear two athletes discussing the philosophies of Kant or their views on roman imperialism, whilst lifting dumbbells and barbells. In a time when obesity in the world is on the rise and where sticks, paddles and balls are being replaced by cigarettes and chips, it is good to know that there is a place that offers an affordable opportunity to the student. Being located in the heart of the city, at Astoria, also provides students the opportunity to go and keep fit in between two classes, if not to just decompress after a three hour class with the most monotonous teacher in the world.

The weightlifting area is confined to 3 spaces, although small, and has only a few machines compared to the competition, it is a good selection. It provides the possibility of creating a workout set to your wants and needs. If you are untrained or someone who needs help in finding out what kind of diet you require or what muscles to focus on, there is always a trainer on hand to assist you and private training is included in the pass. If the trainer is currently assisting someone else asking a fellow athlete is always a possible solution. Due to its size it brings people together and allows you to share knowledge in the way to being fit and keeping it that way.


If weights is not your cup of protein then you can use the various cardio machines at your disposal. Running for a pre/post-workout routine, biking to get the glutes working or going for a walk on the step machine. All are exhaustive ways of getting into ship-shape and feeling great.

In the off chance that cardio machines aren’t in your ideas then attending one of the many spinning sessions offered will offer an opportunity to watch the fat just drip away with every turn of the wheel and to reform your body the club offers many varieties of aerobic workouts. Aerobics can help burn off those last unwanted calories and form firm buttocks and abs. There are also kangoo classes for those who are a bit more determined and are willing to take the next step, or if you are a true fighter then even a boxing aerobic class is offered, which will leave you on the floor wincing in muscle pain. All these are included in the monthly package.


So if you are student who needs more than just coffee to get through the day. If you are full of energy but cannot concentrate on the task at hand because the previous two classes has turned you into a zombie. Astoria fitness is where a university student can not only get in shape, but connect with other students and enjoy your workout as well. It is an all round experience that no other place can offer. If you look good, you feel good and if you feel good, you get good results.

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