♫ One love one heart let’s get together and feel alright ♫

(Bob Marley)


(foto: Igi Varga)

When most of the people realize summer is coming to its end, the overall level of happiness in their hearts drastically decreases. This is partially true for me, however, the other half of my heart cannot wait for it to happen.

The end of August, for a continuously growing number of people, means one thing only, and that is the summer edition of the annual UPRISING REGGAE FESTIVAL. The festival held at Zlaté Piesky, Bratislava from the 23rd until the 24th of August has become one of the most prestigious meeting points for reggae loving people. I could not miss it this year!

The weather was surprisingly nearly as good as 2 years ago when I paid my first visit to the festival. After I settled down and made my tent stand firmly as a medieval castle, I decided to escape the hot and crowded campsite. I grasped my ticket and accompanied with some of my friends I finally entered the main area. After two long years, I found myself again between thousands of positively tuned people and hundreds of jaw-droopingly beautiful girls. I literally felt the endorphins pouring into my veins. When I sat down with my first pint of beer, there was only one sentence circulating in my head.  “This is Heaven!”


The Uprising’s territory comparing to other major summer festivals is relatively small, however, those four stages provided such an intense, exciting and pulsing programme that I failed to check out anything else. I regret not joining the percussion workshop, watching a short film at the festival cinema or applauding the mud-wrestling girls for their performance.

On the other hand, I felt privileged to see Capleton! In order to find the audio visually most satisfying spot at the main stage, my friends and I gathered on the left and slowly made our way towards the centre. I have to admit it was not simple, but we succeeded and had an irresistible dose of positive vibration during his show. It was a real calorie burning experience in term of jumping spiced with my personal favourite “Jah Jah City”.

The crowd, filled with our wheezy faces as well, had only a short break before the legend Ky-Mani Marley jumped on the stage. Besides his own songs, he also made us shout his father’s legendary tracks.


The evening obviously did not end with Ky-Mani. I spent the rest of the night changing artists and stages until the early morning. Since we were not robots running on batteries, the stages were swapped with tents and music with silence and snore until noon.

The next day, my main priority, was to consume food and beverages in reasonable quantity. During that activity, I was evidently paying attention to different concerts and waiting for the one and only DUB INC. Their show, without any exaggerations, was perfect. Taking into account that this was my first live encounter with this band, I must admit they fulfilled all my expectations.  Not only the music with vocals was flawless, but also the energy itself coming from the stage was unforgettable.

However, I had two minor issues with the festival. One of them was the fact that it was only I beer company present. The other one was a musical issue. The performers often down mixed the songs before or during the chorus and restarted them from the first verse. Frankly, it can be so annoying when one is forced to stop singing or dancing, especially during a live concert.

All in all, I loved this year’s Uprising, and I would seize this opportunity to recommend it to everyone. If things go well, next year I will be there again. Jah bless!

BY: Gergely Szekfű


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