Interview with Viktória Rák

I was privileged to make an interview with the talented actress Viktória Rák (32). She is a former Slovakian sitcom and TV show star, and for the last couple of years a member of the successful Thalia Theater in Košice. Because we were born in the same town, I could not resist, and with patriotic feelings in my heart asked for an interview. She said OK.


G: Considering the fact that we come from the same town my first question might or might not be expected. How was it for you to grow up in our little town Rimavská Sobota?

V: Well, I have no idea what it would have been to grow up somewhere else, so my answer is that it was good. I loved being there because there were my friends, my family, and I liked the city itself. I also loved the scout team, the folk dance group, the first loves in my life. I simply liked everything that happened in Rimavská Sobota. I adored the fact that the town has a past. Therefore, I loved to walk the streets, where I could feel the history of the town.

G: Moving a bit forward in time, how did you come across the idea of becoming an actress?

V: I don’t know. I just wanted to give something from myself, something what was boiling inside me. I somehow felt that this way of self-expression would be that in which I could feel myself well. When I am on stage, everything ceases to exist, and I am immensely grateful for this feeling.

G: Yeah I can see your point. So then, back in 2006 did you expect at all that playing the role of Ildikó, a Hungarian character, in the sitcom called Susedia (Neighbours) would make you well known all over the country?

V: No, it never even crossed my mind. Because you know an actor, who freshly graduates school wants to perform in massive dramas, on big stages next to great actors. However, I am glad I took that role.213022_2


G: After taking part in other different TV series and shows, you have chosen to return to the world of theatre. What catalyzed this sudden change?

V: It was simple. We have already finished shooting Susedia, and Panelák(House Panel) was not the luckiest period of my life. Nevertheless, I was and still am grateful for every single day of shooting; because it made me realize that what I was doing, I was not doing well and specially not with joy. Thus, it was easy to decide where to go next. I wanted to study. An actor can learn acting only in the theatre, and only through acting.

G: In 2008, Thalia Theater put Petra Shaffer’s “Equus” on stage, in which you performed nude. Tabloids, obviously, took hold of the topic straight away.  What was your family’s reaction?

V: I don’t think that this was a topic in my family. In this respect, I am very lucky because my parents take everything in a normal way. Not just that I became well-known, but even nude roles like that. They are theatregoers and watch films, so they know that it belongs to it. In addition, it is part of life, isn’t it?rak_viktoria_m.v.horcsek_linda__foto_domotor_ede

G: Yes indeed it certainly is. As far as I am informed, besides acting you had a taste of business and opened your own café shop called Café Nappali in Bratislava. Where did you get the idea from and how is the shop doing today?

V: Yes I have always desired to have a cafe shop. The truth is that this one is not completely the way I dreamed it. On the other hand, this café shop represents a good experience and a great springboard to my real dream. We have many programs. Literary evenings, book launches, concerts, and wine tastings, and I can happily confirm that people attend in great numbers.

G: As for my last question what are your plans for the future?

V: I would like to continue being on stage the most I can. Currently, I have a solo performance in progress about Maria Mezei. It will be a chanson evening with poems, and some important moments of her life are going to be presented for the audience. I cannot wait.

G: Well I wish all the best to you, success on stage, and of course in business, as well. Thank you for your time, I truly appreciate it.

V: You are welcome.


BY: Gergely Szekfű


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