The Woman Who Has More Than 63,000 Friends – Interview with Nóra Takács

SONY DSCShe wanted to be a spy, and now she spies fashion trends and gives beauty tips for women in her 3-minute-long video blog entries, entitled Hogyan legyek jó nő? (How to be a good woman?). Although she has worked all over the world as a model, she considers herself a country girl. She is a friendly and open woman with whom you can chat for hours beside a cup of tea. She is Nóra Takács, who has recently got the Glamour Women of the Year 2013 award.


You won this award in the category of the best presenter of the year. Congratulations! It gives you the title ‘presenter’. Do you consider yourself a presenter?

Interesting question. If I’m asked about my profession, my answer always depends on the situation. It was only when I started to travel to foreign countries, when I realized that I was no longer a student, but a model. Nowadays, I usually say that I’m a journalist. If I feel like talking about it, I admit that I’m a presenter. To tell you the truth, I have never told anyone that I’m a beauty expert. But obviously, for the programme, we needed this title.

As a child what would you have liked to be?

It changed frequently through the years. At the age of 14, I wanted to be a spy, which is quite far away from what I’m doing now; however, I wouldn’t tell you if I were one. (smiles) Of course, since I liked being in the spotlight and talked nineteen to the dozen, the family felt that I should end up in the entertainment business. So looking back from now, it was quite obvious that I will work in the media. And here I am, doing it.

Instead of becoming a spy, you became a model, but you got involved accidentally, didn’t you.

Yes, but I must admit that it was predictable in a way. I danced jazz-ballet for many years. Those dancing years affected my personality and shaped my body. In addition, I learnt how to work in a team and how to act on stage. During these years, I heard many times that “how nice shape this girl has” and “how nice legs she has”. But I’m not that kind of girl who applies for a beauty competition, or goes to a model company and says that “hey, I believe I’m beautiful, would you hire me?”. I believed that if it should happen, it will. And it did; however, I made the first step. I started as being part of crowd scenes with one of my friends. But one day, I managed to get in the foreground. Then, things speeded up. Within few months, I went abroad.

You travelled a lot, and you worked all around the world. Is there any country that has given you life-changing experience?

Korea. It taught me what it is like to feel lost. I learnt how vulnerable we are and that we should take care of ourselves, unless we might be deceived or exploited, which almost happened to me as well. Now, I might look self-conscious, but at the beginning I wasn’t at all. Now, I’m doing self-management, because in Korea I realised how inevitable it is. So it was definitely life-changing.

And which was the most memorable journey?

The very first. It was to Madrid and I was really scared before the journey. You know, the unknown is always scary. But it was an amazing experience. I got a warm welcome in Madrid. It’s a kind of gratitude that I feel. In addition, I really like the way Spanish people live.

After your model carrier, you worked as a weathercaster and started writing articles to an online magazine. You usually talk about yourself as a journalist, and you seem to be proud of it.

Yes. I love writing. Probably, it originates from high school. I always wrote articles to the school magazine, and I was the one who wrote both the welcome and the farewell speeches. So I’m thankful that now I have a platform to do it professionally.

It seems that writing is the apple of your eye. Is it?

Yes, but I like both the videos and the articles equally. Or … no … See, I’m the type of person who cannot say a clear yes or no. (smiles) The thing is that writing the articles is a kind of celebration. It does not require doing my makeup, or cleaning my house. It’s a calm state, in which I can identify myself with the women I wrote about. And at the end, I became everyone of them a bit.

Who would you like to become the most?

Grace Kelly. My two all-time idols are Audrey Hepburn and Grace Kelly. I adore cool elegance and aristocratic beauty; I think it’s better to convey this impression than easiness. And come on, who would not want to be a princess?

Are you a city or a country girl?

I’m a 100% country girl. I come from a small village in Nyírség (ed. she calls it the ‘Mesefalu’). Both my maternal and paternal grandparents lived here; my mother’s parents lived at one end of the village, and my father’s parent at the other. This is the place where my roots and my entire family are. Although we moved, we go back every summer. I’m very grateful for growing up in the countryside, because it always provided a calm way of life and stable background. Now I have three homes: Nyírség, the eternal; Cegléd, where I attended school and my parents live now; and Budapest, my home.

More than 63,000 ‘Jónő’ joined to your Facebook site. Have you thought that it is going to be such a big success?

It was a very risky thing. The whole ‘Jónő’ videoblog started in February, 2011 and at the end of this year we had 10,000 followers. Then at the end of 2012, since the videos appeared in television, this number increased to 50,000. In 2013 within three months the number of our followers reached 60,000. I estimate 90,000 members by the end of 2013, but it is not predictable at all. So now, I think that it is going to end up as something good (or can I say successful).

Some 60,000 girls believe that you are their friend.

The strange thing is that I feel that I am my friend as well. I also get inspired by watching my videos. It’s weird. (smiles)

What are the plans for the future?

First and foremost, I have to clarify that we have expense in this business, so our main aim is to make profit. Not because we are so profit-oriented, but because otherwise there will be no more videos. Now we are thinking about a Jónő summer camp. Sounds exciting, doesn’t it.


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By: Nóra Takács

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