Interview with Máté Füzesi


I got the chance to speak to Hungarian semi-professional footballer Máté Füzesi(21) who plays for Dunakeszi Kinizsi FC as a forward. Grouped in Pest County II Division currently leading the table they have relatively good odds to promote to the I Division and his attitude clearly shows the winning mentality.

GY: Hi Máté, glad you could make it.

M: My pleasure.

GY: Based on the results the spring season kicked off in a confident way for your team so far. Is that so?

M: Yes it did, but it could have been better…

GY: But 4 wins and 2 draws do not imply a bad start, do they?

M: Yes but as a competitive player you always want to win every match and we got the chance to win all of the matches because we dominated all of them. But unfortunately we weren’t in the best form.

GY: What could have been the problem? Did it have to do anything with your preparation?

M: Obviously, a lot depends on the preparations. But the weather decided to make it harder for us during the majority of trainings. Harsh environmental surroundings affected them and we had to cope with big amount of snowfalls and extreme cold.

GY: What kind of impact did it have on your performance or on the team’s performance?

M: The environment wasn’t appropriate because we were forced to the practice pitch and most of the time we had to train on a snowy ground. That meant, we couldn’t hold any ball trainings just physical ones which highly affected the efficiency of the team. M8action3

GY: Despite all these, do you personally feel any progress match after match?

M: Of course, I do. We are finding our winning form. The proof is our latest match where we confidently beat the opponent 10-1.

GY: You seem to be very committed. Do you remember when and how this passion towards sports emerged in your life?

M: I exactly remember the day when my Father took me to the ice rink at the age of two. He wanted me to follow his footprints because he was a successful ice-hockey player. He was selected to the national team more than one hundred times and at club level he has always been a player of Újpesti TE throughout his life. He took me to several ice-hockey trainings but at the age of six I decided to play football. Since then, I’ve been playing football continuously with a short period of absence.

GY: What do you exactly mean by this absence?

M: In 7th grade I stopped competitive football, and concentrated on my studies. However, I came back to business four years later.

GY: Now You have been part of the adult team for the third consecutive year. How were You promoted?

M: I had a very good year at the junior’s scoring many goals but there was a decisive match when I scored six times and gained the attention of the coaches from the first team.

GY: How did your debut go?

M: It took two games to get into the starting 11, but when I got the chance I lived with it. I managed to score two goals and assisted one. We played against the team which was the gold medallist at the end of that season and we beat them 3-2.

GY: Quite an impressive debut…

M8action2M: Yes, and in addition I became the player of that fixture which meant I was going to be interviewed by a football magazine.

GY: Congratulations. So I think it’s safe to say that You have been busy in the past few years. As far as I know, You also attend school besides football. How can You manage these two things at the same time?

M: Fortunately, the trainings take place at half past seven and I can arrange my lessons to get there.

GY: Concerning your studies, what is Your major?

M: I learn web-programming which is a time-consuming activity in itself but fortunately flexible at the same time.

GY: How long have You been studying and when do You plan to finish?

M: I started one year ago and I have one more left. So, I’ll finish next summer.

GY: Regarding the future, which of the two is more important for You?

M: To be honest, none of these enjoys priority in my life. On one hand, football will always be a game that brings me joy. On the other hand, I want web-programming to be my profession. If I ever wanted to be a professional football player I wouldn’t have let myself to miss 4 entire year.

GY: And my final question is: If You could go back in time would You change anything?

M: I know this answer is going to be weird but with the mind I have now I would be a professional ice-hockey player because at the age of eleven I would have chose this path but I was too old to start a professional career. And unfortunately now I regret it.

Interviewee: Máté Füzesi

Interviewer: György Taragos

By: György Taragos


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