The Band: Magidom


Having their first EP published, the band Magidom is now one of the most well known young bands in Budapest. As I have known their singer and guitarist from primary school some people might call me biased, but let me introduce them and let me recommend their CD and after listening to their music I hope you will understand and agree why are they called: the band of tomorrow.

The band is created by four young men from Budapest. Róbert, the singer and guitarist; Balázs, who plays the solo guitar; Marci, who plays the drums; and Péter, who plays the bass. Music has always palyed an important role in the lives of the boys. Róbert has played the cello since primary school and this instrument appears in some of their songs too. Another two of the members also used to study classical music. The members, though, are not only connected by their love of music, but the band is a kind of a ’family enterprise’ as they are brothers, a cousin, and a brother-in-law.

The four of them have played together for many years, but in the recent form and with the name Magidom they appeared only in 2010, on a music festival. Since then, they had many wonderful concerts in places like the Gödör Klub, A38, and Dürer Kert. They also published their first CD with the title Mi, Merre, Meddig (What, Where, When). ep

Take a look at this EP. There are six songs included, all of them a bit different from the others. There are two songs I would say is romantic (Minden újra él; Avar a fákon). Another of them seems to be a rock song (Ki vagyok?) and two other songs (Valakik szerint; Furcsa) do not fit in any other groups than alternative music. The sixth song is the most interesting (Eső esik, fölszárad) as it is based on a poem by Miklós Radnóti and the band gave music to the words of this literary piece.

The style differs from song to song, that is increased by the different musical instruments included, for example the cello, and in one of the songs the use of a milk jug. The diversity does not lie only in the style, but in the topic of the songs as well. There are romantic songs, slightly abstract songs about the big questions of life, and a song with some political overtones.

The wide range of music and style made this band popular among members of almost every age as people find at least one or two songs that they like. Although, at first sight some of the lyrics might seem a bit hard to understand, but as a result, people at least stop for a second to look around and watch the flutters of the world around us. The fact that these four young men could reach so many people with their music shows that they are really talented and also that they do with their whole heart what they started only a few years ago.


Written by: Filep Eszter

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