Tűztorony Café

Tűztorony Café is located in the heart of Gödöllő, making it the ideal place for everyone to just stop and relax without having to leave the city centre. 

Tűztorony Interior

The café got its name after the famous fire tower that once stood next to where the café is today. After the area has been rebuilt, an inside garden of a block of flats provides the café with a new home.

In summer, chairs and tables are put outside for the guests to enjoy the sun with a nice cold drink. The specialty of the café is ‘Tűztorony Lemonade’ , in which apart from the usual lemon and lime, the  guests can also enjoy fresh grapefruit and orange. The fizzy drink is being served on the rocks and a must try for those who long for a refreshment on a hot summer afternoon.
In winter, guests can choose from various kinds of teas (fourteen, to be exact), numerous hot chocolates (eighteen, not to mention chocolate flavoured coffees) and so many types of coffees that even a regular customer cannot remember. Even though the garden area cannot be used during the cold months, the warm atmosphere of the café is also more than inviting.

Hatlapos krémes Tűztorony also offers a range of sandwiches and confectionaries that are just as tasty as if they were home made. The specialty of the café is the ‘hatlapos krémes’ which is well-known around Gödöllő.

The prices are not particularly low but I would not say that they are unreasonable. For a café offering so many things, everyone can find something that is affordable and tasty for them at the same time.

All in all, if someone is visiting Gödöllő and looking for a relaxing place for a coffee or a sandwich, Tűztorony is the best place to try and they will leave with a nice café experience. I give Tűztorony four stars out of five. ****

Review written by: Anita Simon

2100, Gödöllő Kossuth Lajos utca 13.


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