The Drunken Tailor


The Drunken Tailor restaurant was established 2 years ago, under 26 Népszínház Street, which was once famous for housing the best tailors and upholsterers in Budapest. Since then, the street lost a lot of its liveliness, but now if one walks down Népszínház Street it is almost inevitable to notice a colorful and friendly part where the entrance of the restaurant can be found. The board outside announces their extraordinary daily dishes, next to the cheerful flowers beneath which you have space to lock down your bike. If one looks though the windows to see the interior design it is also very inviting, eclectic colorful and somehow elegant at once, so it won’t scare off artists or businessmen either.

The restaurant has two areas: the main area serves as a diner, with comfortable chairs and many tables. There you can find the bar, if you just want to grab a drink. The basement is furnished in oriental style and usually hosts concerts or DJs at night. This area is more appropriate for having a drink late in the evening or sharing a shisha. What is especially nice about the Drunken Tailor that it tends to have various profiles; therefore one can go there to have a quiet lunch or business meeting, drop in for a coffee and working on the laptop, have some drinks with friends or enjoying a good conversation in the basement area. They are also hosting various events and offering diverse programs, such as wine tastings, readings, concerts, parties and even a knitting club.


Besides the nice-looking interior design and numerous programs, the main benefits of Drunken Tailor are their remarkable dishes. Their menu is far from ordinary and they never cease to surprise me because I never noticed the daily menu repeating itself. They always serve exotic and reform-food that I’d never imagine finding tasty. But they always are. While waiting for the dish or drinks the guests can take a look at the current exhibition on the wall, because the Drunken Tailor likes to encourage young graphic designers, painters or photographers to display their pieces of art. The dishes are always served in an aesthetic way, even the daily menu is presented on tasteful plates with nice food organization like they do in super-fancy restaurants. They have a changing A ’la Carte and daily menus for a great price from 800 HUF. If you choose the daily menu, you can have two or three courses and you can pick a vegetarian version every day. If you don’t feel like having a bigger meal, you can order some snacks, appetizers or cold dishes. Along with Hungarian specialties they offer a mixture of different nation’s gastronomic culture.

Even if many people try to avoid some parts of the eighth district, I think visiting this restaurant is worth to overcome one’s dismissal of this part of Budapest. The interior is very tasteful and cheery; the food is professionally cooked and astonishingly innovative, and the cultural programs would be also exciting to try.

by Csontos Anna-Zsófia


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