Review of Leves Bár

14 Vámház körút
Budapest 1053

388170_263006627088438_445231352_nThere is a tiny place near the heart of Budapest where metre-long queues suggest that something good is being made. The snake of people is the best signifier that the so-called Leves Bár treats buyers with such a quality service that it is absolutely worthy of 10-15 minutes of waiting on the street.

In general, the place is a restaurant, however, the case is more complicated than that. First of all, it is very small. If we want to be accurate, we should say that it is basically a room where a staff of 3-5 members constantly boil and cook to satisfy the customers’ needs. There are no chairs, so the hungry visitors can either order a takeaway, or eat the food in front of the place at the standing tables. The menu also differs from that of the conventional catering facilities. Only soups (hence the name) and hot sandwiches are served, with five-five types from each. They can be freely combined and chosen in either small or big size.

311901_208526302536471_1345727_nThe quality of the product is all-in-all good. The owners tend to offer meals that are not part of the traditional Hungarian cuisine: soups with potato and pesto, pea and mint or pumpkin and coconut look and sound really special and attractive for those who like experimenting with gastronomy. The sandwiches are no different, consisting of a toasted baguette with tasty seasonings and different types of meats, and the fact that they give you two of them in addition to the soup makes the whole experience even better.

The portion is good and affordable. You can have a big menu for approximately 1000 Forints, which is the average price of a menu in Budapest, and after you consumed everything you probably will not think of eating anything for a few hours. The place itself is nice and has a modest but tasteful atmosphere, moreover, the owners are truly friendly people who work for the love of it. The only negativity is the lack of seats, which can be really annoying in summer, when the weather is scorching hot, or in winter, when it is freezing cold. One might be bothered by the relatively small scale of meals, but while it is true that it might be good to eat something „more normal” instead of a sandwich, the Leves Bár is an optional place to grab something uncommon and unique for a nice price.

by Bence Judák


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