Liliomkert – Where Urban Meets Rural


There’s a small village in Veszprém County, just a few kilometers away from Lake Balaton with tongue-twister name: Káptalantóti, and a farmers market that attracts costumers, tourists and neighbors all year round.

Home-grown herbs and teas, preservative and sugar free jams and juices, organic seasonal fruits and vegetables are only a few of the goods that one can purchase at the ’Liliomkert’ Farmers Market.

The list is long and exciting. Meat-eaters can find hams, sausages and fish of large variety. Eggs, dairy products like cow milk, goat cheese, and spiced dip-creams are also very popular. And for the devout vegetarians and vegans there are house wives selling their special breads and cakes – all prepared without dairy ingredients or egg. The products are flavorful, fresh and one of a kind. Free samples are tricky though; one walk through the market and one might feel as having attended a feast.

Wandering through the tables and sellers we bump into busking musicians, a blacksmith, children offering vizsla breed puppies for sale, and even a pony-petting stall! While these are mostly for entertaining purposes, the visitors of the market enjoy their presence as they add to the color and diversity of this agora that has become a weekly community ritual.

The best organic farm is the one that offers products that are grown and made closest to you. Liliomkert’s owner and founder, Ildikó Harmathy, is intent on keeping to this guideline ever since the market’s launching in 2007. The initial market hosted less than a dozen farmers, but today the market is a source of income for many families.

In an era when large-scale chemical agriculture is poisoning the soil and water supply, it is crucial that we take the responsibility and make conscious and environmentally-friendly choices. Shop for groceries and other items at the market, indulge in healthy and organic foods and drinks, support local economy and join the fun and be a part of a vibrant community in Káptalantóti!

Liliomkert Farmers Market

8283 Káptalantóti

Sundays from 9 am.

Free parking!


by PettZsoo

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