German band “Rammstein” bringing fire to Budapest

I have been a big fan of Rammstein for quite some time now but I have never been to their concerts before. Of course, I was watching videos of their shows on, but I thought that I would not be able to cope with the throng of people in a big stadium and that the quality of the music and sound would not be on such a level that I could truly enjoy it. Well, I was wrong.

Rammstein, a band formed in 1994, has made a staggering career since its founding and which’s popularity is still skyrocketing. The band’s music’s genre is Neue Deutsche Härte, which is a form of industrial metal predominant in the Germanic countries. Interestingly, the term itself was first used in relation to Rammstein’s first album Herzeleid (Heartache). Their music contains a dominant bass rhythm with distorted guitars and low and very masculine vocals. Both music and lyrics display a sense of aggression and masculinity which notions can be observed at their concerts, too.
642576_1294407577_07242We bought our tickets for their MADE IN GERMANY 1995-2011 concert, which was a kind of “best of” compilation of all their songs, to the very front of the stadium and ended up in the 3rd row, which was very fortunate because we could see everything from up that close – here I have to add that a general complaint related to their concerts is that they basically are playing for the front rows, and the people in the middle and back can hardly see anything or get involved in the show itself that much. The stadium (Papp László Sportaréna) was huge but we still managed to fill it up almost completely. I knew as soon as we passed the security guards back at the entrance that this will be an amazing and shocking event.
The stage was breathtaking even if a bit predictable, all in all really “Rammsteinish”. For and industrial fan it was like Christmas come early. All throughout the show there were various lights going on and off in different colours, sizes and intensity, the biggest ones were done in a cross-shape, which is the symbol of the band, and they were even moving up and down according to the songs. The back was covered with several huge, differently painted canvasses positioned in front of each other, thus making able to change the background during the concert by dropping them one by one as the show went on. The stage itself was made in a true “industrial way” with lots of metal, rivets, grates, dirt, and dark colours.
RAMMSTEIN0001(20)The band itself is always trying very hard to please their audience both visually and sound-like. They use a lot of song-specific pyrotechnics while playing, for example while the song Du Riechst so Gut (You smell so good) Till, the singer, is waving around a fire-spewing bow, while during Engel (Angel) Till has unfoldable wings which can spit fire, too. Of course, after all these pyrotechnics we were really hot between the throng of people, especially because we were cramped together and the heat got stuck between our bodies. As far as I know people could even feel the heat of the 5-6 meters high flames at the back of the stadium, so you can imagine how hot it was in the first few rows. I thought my hair would catch on fire! But of course Rammstein thought of that, too.
By the 15th song we were really hot, but the rescue team was on its way. You should know that industrial metal – and especially Rammstein – is a very sexual genre so it was (and in some ways was not) a surprise that during their song Pussy they used their specially adjusted foam cannon. This cannon in the shape of a huge penis was mounted by Till and then moved to and fro on the side of the stage shooting foam on us. It was really refreshing to feel the cool and moist foam against us after all the fire, flames and fireworks.
All in all, the concert met all my expectations though I can understand if the people not situated at the front felt a bit left out. The guys lived up to their name and brought to us a show which was kind of predictable but still very much enjoyable. I can say that we got what we paid for (20,000 forints in our case, but let’s not forget that they are touring with 20 fully packed trailers and staff for it). I enjoyed it immensely and would recommend it for all those who like to attend spectacular and shocking shows.

The concert took place on 10 November, 2011 at Papp László Budapest Sportaréna.
Photos taken from google.
Further info: – English version – Upcoming concerts’ date – Timeline with clickable content for pictures and info

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by Koller Evelin

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