Industrialised Terror in the Night

There is a place in Budapest where Terror is frequently taking over the control for a night. At these occasions, more precisely at Night of Terror, Hungary’s electro-industrial-centred members gather to dance until dawn at Supersonic Blue Hell & Red Hell, a.k.a Kék Yuk & Vörös Yuk where music is provided by several DJs. Thanks to this interview I had the pleasure to talk to three of them, namely FreeSoul, Destructo, and Firen_Aggonix:


Evelin: Let me ask you where your genre of music does come from? Could you tell us about it in a nutshell?



Destructo: Well, the genre of music we work with is electro-industrial, so if we want to look at the origins of it we have to go back to the industrial roots like Skinny Puppy, Apoptygma Berzerk, etc. to the 1980’s. Our music is based on those mixed with modern electronic dance. There is a friend of us who described this genre very well: imagine it as the Terminator riveting back his torn off arm while screaming. (laughs)

E: But of course you had to come across this genre somewhere, so where did you first hear this type of music?
Firen_Aggonix: Well, for me it was a funny thing, because I was watching videos on YouTube, and there was a parody of Lord of the Rings. One of the songs featuring it was electro-industrial and my friend and I thought that damn, this song is pretty good!
FreeSoul: At first I was into J-Rock and Visual Kei (Japanese genres of music – E.) and while I was at one of those parties, there was another kind of music in a smaller room at the place. It was industrial or dark electro playing, I can’t even remember anymore, I looked inside and asked myself what the hell those dark, Manson-like people were doing there dancing to electro. But I felt I just had to try it, too!

E: How much time do you spend with electro-industrial?
Destructo: For now I only do it as a hobby, but I just recently started my solo project Lobotomik.
Firen_Aggonix: In general we could say that we spend as much time with it as we can, but we don’t have as much time for it as we would like to have. (laughs)



E: How long have there been such parties and how often do you organise one?
Firen_Aggonix: Night of Terror parties were held on and off since about 2004 but the circumstances weren’t optimal that time so it kind of died. After a while we resurrected it, about 2 years ago, and we organise them ever since.
Destructo: We agreed that we don’t want to have parties too often so we can organise and get ready for them properly, moreover if there aren’t many of them then more people will come when there actually is one and they will be more enthusiastic about it.
Firen_Aggonix: Yes, so we decided to have one about every 2 months.

E: Do you see any change in this scene over these years? Are parties different than they used to be?
Destructo: As I see it nowadays there mostly are younger people who are still new to this whole scene and they still need to get the hang of it. Another thing we were surprised to see was that there are far less people at free parties than at ones with entrance fees.



E: And of course you need some time to get ready for these parties, so how long does it take to prepare for one?
Destructo & Firen_Aggonix, at the same time: About a month.
Firen_Aggonix: If someone says that he goes home and puts together a set of songs which he will play at the next party, then that person is lying. That just can’t be. While you are there and look at the people dancing on the dancefloor you can see what song they want, because it’s written on their face. Of course, we don’t always play what people want, because we want to show something new to you, too, so we play songs that aren’t that well-know because this is how new song hits are made. But we are really lucky because we can play those songs which the audience likes and those which we ourselves like, too.

E: If you could talk to people who don’t know Night of Terror, what would you tell them about it so they get interested in it?
FreeSoul: I would say it’s like a post-apocalyptic party, or like an electro party where there is a constant Halloween.
Fire_Aggonix: When my cousin first came to one of those parties, he said: “Damn, everyone looks like a Predator here!” My own first thought was that “Damn, there are a bunch of rockers here going crazy to disco music”. (laughs) But seriously, if I can say one thing about electro-industrial people than it’s that they are really tolerant and you can dress up, look like, and dance as you want.
Destructo: Yes, it’s really hard to describe it to other people, but I would say that with us you can be whoever you want.

_ _ _ _ _ _
Interview done at Könyvtár Klub on 27 October, 2012.
Photos taken by Varga Zita and Danku Rudolf.

Some useful links: – Night of Terror Facebook-page – Blue Hell/Red Hell Facebook-page

Some music to the interview:
INCUBiTE – Glowstix, Neon & Blood
[x]-Rx – Escalate
Eisenfunk – Pong

_ _ _ _ _

by Koller Evelin


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