We all have that one precious moment from high school that always makes us smile. It could be a school trip, the prom or simply playing a prank on a fellow student. Which one is yours?

In the midst of studies and preparing for finals, eight English majors, and a friend, decided to appear in my video. Most of them from different schools, not to mention different cities entirely, like Érd, Salgótarján and Zalaegerszeg. They were all asked one simple question:

“What is you dearest secondary school memory?”

Some were a bit hesitant, as they were outsiders in their schools. Others spoke naturally and freely as if they were still in secondary school and were reliving their memories.
Personally it was amazing for me to see clearly the difference between boys and girls. It is usually the little things that stuck in the boys’ heads, while the big events, like prom, where everybody has something to do – something that is dependent on their perfect performance – became the strongest and nonetheless dearest memory for the girls.

The video itself comes from the idea of creating a parallel series to my amateur director friend, Váczi Zsombor’s interview series with young university students entitled “JÖVŐKÉP (FUTURE PICTURE)”. In these he conducts interviews with students, from different universities and majors to discover what plans they have for their future. If you care to see these, you can just visit the series’ YouTube page here:

The whole footage was about 40 minutes long, counting mistakes and a couple of retakes. We shot with a Panasonic GS500, which still uses DV tapes and a shotgun microphone to have a clearer sound. The background music is courtesy of

To view the video, please visit this link:

If you’d like to see the Hungarian transcription and detailed analysis of the work itself, click on the blog entry link below:

And if you have a couple of minutes, make sure you share with us what Your dearest secondary school memory is!

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by Susan E. Csorba


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