WAMP – The Hungarian Design Market

Wamp takes place at Millenáris or Erzsébet Square, Budapest. Basically, it is a design fair which gives home for emerging Hungarian designers who showcase their works there every month. Wamp also joins festivals, exhibitions, it cooperates with other projects like design competitions and international organizations’ events.
The aim of Wamp is to promote independent designers and to enchance the visitors’ visual culture through presenting something 100% Hungarian. What I really fancy about Wamp is that even though it is always a large, bustling event, I get the chance to talk to the concrete makers of the product I am about to buy. The designers are not those typical grumpy Hungarian ones, they enjoy talking about their products, they willingly answer my questions and accept my criticism if I have any. It’s a really versatile event as goldsmiths, graphicists, textilers, ceramics, glass-designers, toy-makers and various fashion designers represent themselves.
Unfortunately, I don’t have the chance to attend it quite often, but before Christmas, I always go there to seek for a universal gift or just some whatnot for my loved ones. I never leave with empty hands! During this period, Wamp also gives space for a gastro fair. They offer prettily wrapped gastronomical products, wonderfully composed foods, drinks, ingredients and unique cook-wares.
Though it is a fascinating experience just to go there and look around, I wouldn’t recommend it for those who don’t have the financial background to purchase design products. There is a chance that you find something for a reasonable price, but due to the fact that you are surrounded by some amazing stuff, you might catch yourself zeroing your wallet. So, pay attention to focus on one single thing you need to buy if you don’t have loads of money.
All in all, I think it’s a great experience and everyone who lives in Budapest has to take part in it once.

Next design fair on the 13th May!
Wamp Office

1015 Budapest, Batthyány street 51. 1./b



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