Szatyor Bar and Gallery


Szatyor from the Gallery 

Szatyor reopened two years ago. In the‘20s – under the name of Hadik – it was a legendary café where Kosztolányi, Karinthy and Móricz frequently dropped by with their wives. As it was haunted by contemporary intellectuals and artists who either discussed groundbreaking political issues or just had fun among good company, it was basically its visitors that made Hadik Café so famous. 

Though it was permanently washed away by the Second World War, it was reintroduced to Újbuda’s civilians in 2010. It has two parts: Hadik which is bringing back the atmosphere of its former namesake with its antique design, and Szatyor, the spacious and bohemian one in the neighbor. Both of them emphasize their cultural consciousness as they have art exhibitions from time to time.

Szatyor is located at Bartók Béla Road 16, between Móricz and Szent Gellért Square. It is open from Monday to Friday from 12:00 p.m. to 1:00 a.m. and on the weekends from 2:00 p.m. to 1:00 a.m. They have their own facebook page and blog. It is advisable to make a reservation in the busy hours but they also welcome walk-ins.

The prices are absolutely reasonable and you can choose from a wide variety of foods and drinks. Their coffees are great, they offer the simplest espresso for 290 HUF and the alcoholic Irish coffee for 690 HUF. Apart from soft drinks and tee, you can get their homemade lemonade and bodza soda – both are delicious – for around 300 HUF. If you fancy something alcoholic, they have many kinds of beers – both draught and bottled – and all kinds of cocktails for a relatively higher price. Not to mention pálinka, champagne and wines. Generally speaking, they have all the selection of a good pub, but the price is somewhere between a pub’s and a restaurant’s.

Now we came to my favourite part which is foods. Szatyor’s cuisine is unobjectionable. They use the best ingredients to prepare their meals and serve them in a really classy way. You don’t have to dig deep in your pocket to enjoy their offers as they have a daily menu for only 890 HUF, consisting of a soup and a main meal usually. Apart from that, they have a short, but impressive menu. Their steak potato with garlic cream is a huge portion and really tasty for only 490 HUF. They also sell pastries (carrot cake, cheese cake, Dobos cake, whatever) which I can only speak of in high terms considering the selection and the taste as well. If you want to eat something lighter or you are a vegetarian, you will also find something delicious for yourself.

My specific recommendation is their “Sztrapacska.” I didn’t have high expectations, just wanted to give it a go, being sure that no one will ever be able to conquer my grandmother’s version of it. I was quite surprised. In any kind of restaurant, never have I eaten such a great one. The sheep-milk cheese of great quality, the home-made dumplings and the crispy bacon make a perfect match.

Last but not least, let me talk about the interior design. It is really eclectic, with the wall painted all over the place, even on the ceiling and various sized lanterns hanging from it. The figures on the wall are sometimes creepy. Monsters, nonfigurative arrays and human beings – for example Ady with Csinszka in a car- go well together side by side. The seats are comfortable, if you want to lie down while chatting with your partner, there are also huge sofas on the first floor. The waiters – mostly young men – are nice, helpful and fast. All in all, I really recommend Szatyor for everyone due to their really versatile, yet convincing image and the quality of their foods and drinks.


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