Central Backpack King – A Place to Stay

Budapest, especially in the last decade, became one of the most prominent destinations in the broader are for travellers. Nowadays, it is as popular and favoured among tourist as Prague or Wien, just to name a few examples. This uprising brought with itself the flourish of every form of serving the needs and providing enjoyment of the foreigners arriving here to spend quality time in the city. In a few days, tourists want to see the most interesting places, jump into the nightlife, and experience this cultural treasure box. Especially for youngsters, hostels are the best possible form of staying in Budapest. Not only they have a good accommodation for a reasonable price, but they can also meet other travellers, make friendships, and have a personal experience usually in the hearth of the city. Partly because hostels have a tensioned race with each other, and partly because of the concept of that kind of service, they usually offer great possibilities, and are places that make you feel not only quite pleasant, but also at home.

The Central Backpack King Hostel has a telling name. It is located in the middle of the downtown, in one of the best areas on October 6. Street, just next to the St Stephen’s Basilica. The people choose to stay here truly find themselves in a location that couldn’t be overcome by any means in the city. It is close to the most possible sights, as well as to the centre of the nightlife, in a classic and beautiful environment. The Hostel is mainly for foreigners, it is advertised only on international websites, and the reservations are also made almost exclusively online. In fact, there is almost no sign from the street that there is a hostel in the house in front of the October 6. Street building of CEU. However, as the guest come to an address and not walk-ins from the street, this does not really mean a big problem.

The house itself is a piece of history, but in really good, preserved condition. Warm during winters, cool in the summer. Right on the first floor, you find the entrance to the hostel, which is in fact a grand apartment divided to several rooms, a stylish common room, bathrooms and a forefront with a public computer and the desk of the staff in charge. The people working there are without exception really kind and helpful, it feels that you are more like friends than in a need and support relation. The other guests are just as friendly and open to meet and welcome you. People staying there usually state that the place feels like home. This is due to the warm atmosphere, cheerful colours all around, the stylish and cosy common room, and to the fact that the hostel is actually a big apartment as I mentioned before. The kitchen and bathrooms are just like any other in the house, of course supplied for the needs of 20-30 people. The large and well-lit common room is supplied with a sound system, a huge tv where you can watch movies, three sofas and a dining table. Most of the rooms are accessible through the common room or the forefront. The price includes free tea and coffee, towels, and wifi.  Speaking about costs, a bed in an 8-bed dormitory usually costs 10-12 Euros, while a double room is around 40 Euros for two. You’ll definitely enjoy your stay at the hostel, but if you want to go out, you also have some exciting possibilities. There is a pub crawl almost every night, departing from the hostel, and you can go caving or to the baths of Budapest with a discount ticket available at the reception.

All in all, the Central Backpack King Hostel is a great place to stay for the youth, and if you plan to come to Budapest trying to find accommodation, you should definitely check out their site centralbpk.hu


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