Never back down review


I have recently seen a film that relied on very much on a new type of technology and arts and it had a great impact on me. Its title is Never back down.

The genre of the fim is doubtful, but if we have to classify it is a kind of action film. The story is about a general American family first living in Iowa. At the beginning of the film they move to Orlando, where the action starts. Our hero is Jake Tyler, the eldest son in the family, who loses his father in a tragic car accident. Maybe that is the reason why he often gets into fights and sometimes confronts the police. On one of his first days at his new school Jake attends a party and thanks to heavy provocation concerning his father he fights again and gets beaten seriously by the boyfriend of the girl that invited Jake to the event. After recovery he doesn’t give up and starts to train hardly at a mixed martial art combat school, preparing for the final event, the beatdown, where he finally gets the chance to fight back and  he finds love, too…

The most stunning parts of the film are the extremely well-performed fight scenes. For these the crew used a new type of computer technology with which they made the scenes unbelievably realistic. Naturally, just with technological tools nothing would have been achieved; the actors trained every day for about 3 months before shooting. They had to learn a completely new art, which is called mixed martial arts. Five professional fighters taught them the moves they used in these scenes. Another quality feature of the film is the effective, pulsating and always well-chosen music. On the other hand, sometimes it is hard to enjoy the weak performance of the cast. Besides its’ agressive character, the movie sets up a good example for young people with teaching real human values, and it draws the lesson that fighting is unnecessary.

However, Never back down is a typical American film with a usual happy end, so we can say it has a stereotypical story and frame. In the end, the good guy beats the bad guy and gets his woman, too. In spite of its declarative title, Never Back Down doesn’t come down on either side of the violence dilemma. In fact, its ultimate message is terminally mixed: Violence is bad except when you just have to teach the antagonist a lesson and the point must be made clear by a humiliating beat down captured and shared on a thousand iPhones.

In my opinion, showing the world these new MMA fighting methods and techniques combined with the brand new computer technology still makes the movie unique in its’ genre, even if the scenario is quite predictable and general.



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