Grab a SandWich at SzendZso!

As a Buda-side habitant of Budapest, I eagerly waited for a place, where you can have a friendly chat next to a tasty coffee and a low-fat breakfast for an affordable price. This may sound a little surprising, since people would think that Buda has the same facet as Pest with its infinite list of venues. Well, it’s not the case but good news for my impatient coffee-addict peers; SzendZso Reggeliző Kávézó (Brunch and Café) opened its doors for Buda(pest)ers.

The deep red painted, wood-framed entry already stands out from its grey environment, which is actually the root of Margaret Bridge. On one side there’s the car crowd of busy people driving across the bridge, and on the other, there’s the car-free Frankel Leó street with its shadow-giving trees and dog-walking citizens.

Looking through SzendZso’s large windows I try to spot my friend inside, who’s probably sipping her second coffee in this morning. Entering the place the word “cozy” comes to my mind to describe SzendZso’s atmosphere. Little wooden tables surrounded by stools, one with leather cover, the other with flowered. The early comers can occupy the comfy armchairs and have their breakfast on snags, which of course function as tables this time, but you may already have guessed: we miss it.

Listening to the pleasant morning bustle I realize a squared hole on the wall, which provides an insight to the children’s indoor playground, therefore the parents can easily keep an eye on their kiddos while biting into their croissant. Mentioning the walls, a few words must be said about the shelves stuffed with jam jars and arts and crafts products, which can be bought as well if you’re interested. A warm or pastel colored wall would raise the place’s homeliness but the framed cutleries and pots conciliate my critical eyes, though they still seem unsystematic to me concerning their placement.

One of the owners and waiter in one person comes to our table and gently offers the menu paper. Classic brunch dishes start the list, which you can eat with bread baked in the house. There’s everything from salmon bagel through Hungarian ‘mangalica’-plate to Mediterranean omelet, but you can have ‘simple’ fried eggs if you prefer. Despite the fine selection I choose a wrap with mozzarella because my eyes stop on the following ingredient: house-made pesto. Due to the fast service I can taste my wrap stuffed with tomato, mozzarella and salad in a few minutes. Instead of going into detailed description of my eating enjoyment I just simply suggest you to go and try it out! My order is not so difficult to prepare but as for me the pesto is an everlasting winner, so my disappointment will avoid me when it comes to this Italian mixture.

My friend’s face seems to be satisfied with her Chai Latte but after checking the blackboard with the prices we both remark that maybe this place is a little bit above what they call “purse-friendly”. However, concerning the fact that it’s the first appealing and good quality place in Buda, – in such a long time – we don’t ruin our joy of discovering a new venue. All in all, SzendZso Reggeliző Kávézó is an intimate corner for stuffing your hungry belly and for freshening up your slow morning-head with a delicious coffee.

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