Snaps Galéria

Snaps Galéria is an inviting place in Király Street, close to Lövölde square. The name of the place is not that obvious, at least it was not for me, because on the outer part of the place there is a logo which depicts a pink elephant with the sign ‘Delirium’ on it, so for a long while, we used to call it ‘Delirium Pub’. It was a quite shocking experience when I could not find the pub on the internet, but finally I succeeded.

I also acknowledged that the pink elephant logo is the symbol of the famous Belgian beer; Delirium, which is one of the strongest beers produced in Europe. The connection between the two is quite easy to guess; this little pub dedicated itself to these Belgian wonders. Just to mention a few among these: Corsedonk, which is an abbey-style light beer on tap, Delirium Nochturnum, which is a triple fermented ale with re-fermentation in the bottle that is both strong complex with lots of flavor and character, Delirium Red, which is a sour cherry flavored beer and Delirium Tremens, which is a golden one.

The abovementioned divine beverages are only a few examples of the rich supply. If I got you interested, you can see for yourself on their website:, where you can find detailed descriptions about each and every beer they offer.
You can also download the drink menu, the prices are a little above the average, but if you consider that these beers contain twice as much alcohol as a normal beer, it might also turn out to be a pleasing deal. Of course, there are the usual pub beverages, too, such as wine, whiskey, palinka, Hungarian beers, vodka, a few cocktails, and soft drinks. If you are hungry, you can get the good old pub-food; wieners with bread.

About the interior design; what gives the place its charm are the huge comfortable cushions all over the place, the tables are separated so every guest can enjoy some privacy, too. The walls are decorated with records of legendary bands, such as Queen, The Doors and many others. The music always reflects the owner’s excellent taste as the records on the walls suggest. If the brilliant beer supply, the entertaining music, the nice and friendly interior would not be enough, there is also a table football where you can check the strength of the beer by trying to kick the right one among the many balls you see on the table at the same time.

So all in all, if you like beer and want to try something new and incredibly delicious, if you want to have a good time with your friends by listening to music, sitting on comfortable cushions, but still having the pub-feeling, than this is the place you definitely want to try! If you need more information, look for it on the website which is also very well designed and gives an answer to every possible question. So if you are up to a good time, than see you there!
Snaps Galéria
Budapest, 7th district, Király street 95.

Beer on tap: 300HUF – 700 HUF
Bottled beer: 400HUF – 700 HUF
Wine: 170HUF/dl – 550HUF
Soft drinks: 300HUF/dl
Coffee: 300HUF – 600HUF
Pálinka: 300HU – 700HUF
Whiskey: 300HUF – 800HUF/2 or 4cl
Cocktails: 600HUF – 1500HUF
Short drinks: 200HUF – 700HUF/2 or 4cl


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