Midnight in Paris

What is the first thing which comes to your mind if you have Woody Allen, Owen Wilson, Golden Globe, Oscars, Paris, Fitzgerald, and Hemingway at one place? Of course the answer is Midnight in Paris written and directed by Woody Allen which won the Academy Award for Best Original Screenplay and also the Golden Globe for Best Screenplay according to imdb.com. Midnight in Paris is definitely one of Woody Allen’s most successful films, to figure out why, we should take a look at the plot, of course without any spoiler alert, in case you have not seen the movie yet.

The film starts with nice old postcards picturing the old Paris from the turn of the century, and then suddenly we are in the present day with an American couple Gil and Inez visiting Paris (played by Owen Wilson and Rachel McAdams). The main character is Gil, who is a Hollywood screenwriter, who is struggling with his first novel. Gil feels a strong artistic bond to Paris and he thinks that if he moved to Paris it would help him in finishing his novel and achieve success with it. His fiancée dismisses this attempt, on the one hand because she wants to live in Malibu, on the other hand because she does not have faith in Gil’s literary career.

The first part of the movie is quite surprisingly boring, we were even considering that if it goes on like this, we will leave immediately, but at the exact moment comes the turning point; our main character takes a walk, gets lost, the clock hits midnight and an old car appears full of young people dressed according to the fashion of the 1920s. At first Gil cannot understand where he is even when he meets Fitzgerald, Zelda and also Hemingway he thinks that it is just a coincidence. He makes an attempt the next night to show Inez what a wonderland he found, but she leaves before midnight so Gil gets in the car alone again. He meets other famous characters of this era as well, such as Gertrud Stein who will help him with his novel, and Dali, which is a brilliant scene played by Adrian Brody.

All in all, this movie is definitely worth seeing, not only because Owen Wilson performs a brilliant act while almost making us viewers mistaking him for Woody Allen himself, but also for us English and most of all American studies majors while watching the movie we can have the feeling that we are really smart because we know all the writers in the movie, so those few years at the university and struggling with literature exams were not in vain at all. We can also state, that the movie does not hold any new phenomenon, but the way it is shown, performed and the way Woody Allen throws in front of us some brilliant scenes which we might as well recall also years later can be just trademarked by two words: Woody Allen.


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