The other side of Őrség

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People commonly associate Őrség with its natural heritage; however, sights all around the area are worth visiting, too. Although Őriszentpéter is considered to be the capital of Őrség, more special sights are to be found somewhere else.

Apart from shops and tap houses, churches are surely found in every little village, too. Probably the most well known church is in Velemér. Its specialty rests in the sunbeams that come from different directions and illuminate various scenes of the frescos painted on the walls during the year. The frescos were painted by János Aquila in the 13th century and are still visible in their original form as only tiny restorations were made since then. The illuminated pictures are in harmony with the actual feasts and periods of the year.



Tündérkert in Viszák is another place where it is worth spending some time. It is said that for every newborn, a native sapling is planted; and it is the families’ and later the owners’ duty to nurse the tree. Currently there are around 40 trees in the garden.



Countless memorials permeate the area. The Communitas Fortissima statue in Kercaszomor, the Tree of Life in Szalafő, the Tree of Deportees in Viszák, and even a garden that presents the heroic ages in Ispánk are all part of the heritage.

Between sights and natural heritage stand the remnant of a fortress in Őrimagyarósd which was destroyed in the 16th century during the Turkish military expedition. Although not a brick remained from the fortress, the double moat is still visible and a lookout can be visited.



Presentation of the other side of Őrség cannot be complete without mentioning the most common characteristics, the spread of magnolia, firewood, and wheels all around the area.


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