Rock On!

A tour to the empire of taste buds

Hard Rock Cafe Budapest opened its doors 3 months ago as the 173th in the row. To live up to the expectations, the owners stuffed all four levels with the most famous rockstars more famous belongings. Madonna’s hand-written letter, Jimmy Hendrix’s shirt, and Eric Clapton’s guitar (etc.) guarantee that guests feel themselves in the middle of the rock world.

After crossing the doorstep and arriving to the Rock Shop, we soon got to know that the romantic section is at the first floor while real rocking happens downstairs. We made our way upstairs, and a waiter seated us just under a Red Hot Chili Peppers poster.

Service was fast, and waiters were helpful. One of them even told the story of Hard Rock Café and offered his favorite meals. The food was delicious; I will remember the Legendary Burger for long. The bun was stuffed with beef, which I chose to be roasted 4 on a scale of 1 to 5; fried onion; bacon; and Cheddar cheese. For garnish, crispy French fries and vegetables were put on the plate. All of the ingredients were fresh and of premium quality.

Not that we could eat anything after the burger, but we could not miss the Hot Fudge Brownie. When the cold vanilla ice-cream mixed with the hot brownie in my mouth, I praised the waiter for his persuasion. It was like a sweet dream with a cherry on top.


picture from

To rest a bit after the abundant lunch, we looked at the huge collection of pictures, posters, clothes, and instruments. Although at the first time I did not believe that those were original pieces, the certificates settled my doubts, and I was truly amazed. We found out that the whole business started when Eric Clapton gave his guitar to the owner of the first café in London to mark his regular haunt.

To conclude, I have to cite the waiter:  “I like being here, because the music is good, and the food is delicious.”

Hard Rock Café Budapest

1051 Budapest, V. district, Deák Ferenc str 3-5


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