Hello summer! Hello VOLT Festival!

One of this year’s most expected festivals starts in less than 50 days.

Summer is around the corner, which apart from hot weather and the end of the school year also means the coming of the glorious era of music festivals. Just after finishing the last exams we can head straight to the Western boarder of the country because one of the major festivals, the VOLT starts the season in sunny Sopron city.


Beginning with the 27th of June, our most faithful city gives home to four days of wonderful musical experiences, not to mention the endless list of cultural programmes and other recreational facilities.
As an old-timer VOLT-visitor, I can assure you that this festival has never fall short of my quite high expectations, and this year’s event won’t be an exception. This is the festive 20th occasion, so the organizers have put a lot of effort to exceed previous years’ performances, and it seems that they have every chance to succeed. Apart from the regular, regular Hungarian line-up, this year’s festival offers a wide range of foreign superstars from all around the world, and some really exciting surprises that are definitely worth the attention; The list of the performers of VOLT will include the extremely popular dubstep DJ Skrillex, hard-style rockers like Enter Shikari and Children of Bodom, British shooting stars like Katy B and Chase&Status, the Irish indie group Snow Patrol and the most amazing of all, the good old Iggy Pop and the Stooges.

If this line-up would not convince you, I also have to add one more reason to visit VOLT: the environment. The festival is set on the top of a hill where the sun is shining and a nice summer breeze is constantly blowing (fine, it is sometimes exchanged by sudden, angry storms, but the organizers cannot do anything about it). Actual fresh air, actual trees and sunrises, and still, only 15 minutes far from the city. Moreover, the town itself is one of the most beautiful places in Hungary, and all the festival people should sacrifice one sleepy afternoon to look around and experience the Sopron- feeling. There is also a very decent beach to sunbathe, have a refreshing swim and cure hangover, not to mention the hundreds of restaurants, cafés and pubs where you can relax and just enjoy life. Sure, these are not the most purse-friendly places since we are on the Western boarder of the country, but it’s not impossible for anyone to find an appropriate place from a scale that includes luxury restaurants and the car park of a supermarket.


The only serious problem with the festival is that it start early and ends early and we have two whole months left from the summer to be melancholic and feel the emptiness after the most wonderful 4 days of the season, hoping that the next 361 days will pass quickly until next year’s VOLT festival.

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