Dixit – the stuff of nightmares

The most brilliant game ever. Period.

Dixit is a very simple game yet it requires a huge amount of creativity and brainwork. A Hungarian website on board games (tarsasjatekom.hu) suggests that it is much like the game of Taboo – where one has to describe or paraphrase a word without actually saying it and the others have to guess –, and there is absolute truth in these words. Dixit is a game of guesses, intuitions, associations, hilarity, and absurdity.

The rules are in fact excrutiatingly easy, although hard to explain in writing. The box contains a huge deck of cards, and on every singe one of them there is a different beautiful, yet absurd or outright weird, drawn picture. Every player gets 6 cards randomly. The first player chooses one card from his own deck, puts it down so the others cannot see the picture and then he says a word or sentence he associated with his picture. Then everyone tries to find a card from their own deck that can be associated with the same phrase, and puts it down with the original one. After a quick shuffle, they turn over the cards and everybody (except who started the round) must guess which picture was the original. Dixit can be played by 3-6 people, but in this case the saying „the more, the merrier” is entirely true, because the more cards are down, the harder it is the guess the correct one.

The only thing in this great game that could spoil the fun is the scoring system. Unfortunately, alcohol and Dixit do not really mix, because it could be pretty hard to keep up with the math even when the players are sober. I will not go into details regarding this matter, but I strongly advise everyone not to let this fact keep them from playing, because once you get the hang of it, it is not so difficult.

Dixit became an incredibly popular board game since it won the prestigious „Spiel des Jahres” (Game of the Year) Award in 2010. The huge success prompted Libellud, the game’s publishing company to release an extension pack with a deck of new cards – therefore keeping Dixit fresh, exciting, and unpredictable.

All in all, Dixit is an excellent board game to play with friends or family. The drawings are beautiful and diverse, the material of the cards is exquisite, the whole game is colourful, entertaining, and short; one round can be finished in 30-45 minutes. The standard game costs around 8000 Forints, while the extension pack that is sold seperately is 5000 Forints. The game could be found in all the big boardgame-shops; it can be bought online or in the shop of Gém Klub Kft (the Hungarian distributor) under Ráday street 30. It is a perfect choice for the family, although not recommended for little children or emotionally unstable adults, because some of the pictures can be quite disturbing and may even cause nightmares in some cases. True story.

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